5 unofficial Elder Scrolls: Skyrim box covers

Elder Scrolls fans' take on what the box art of Skyrim could look like

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Brewski0072930d ago

but if the game came in a treasure chest filled with magical wonders and a level 18 battle axe of destruction - 2 to undead after 11am , i'd be alot more excited about possible box covers.
. . . Just sayin :) .

Defo GOTY contender though ! :)

HeavenlySnipes2930d ago

they take a look at how Bioware made Dragon Age Origins 2 and make Skyrim have combat like that.

I HATED Oblivion (on 360, so no mods) because the combat and animations were so bad and the the facial animations and dialogue felt unnatural. I'm not saying that the game was bad as a whole though. The amount of magic available to create is great, the huge world was immersive, and the amount of sidequests was never ending.

Just fix the animations to make everything more lifelike and I'll be back onboard.

Perjoss2930d ago

anyone who likes fan made box art should visit this site, there are some real gems in there...

Lirky2930d ago

Now we can make origami box set art for our shelves/ or our selves.

TANUKI2930d ago

Arg... so many games...! *head explodes* Still need to pre-order this.