Jailbreaker 2 for iPhone Review [MEGamers]

MEGamers: "Jailbreaker 2 from Triniti Interactive is an endless game. No, really, the game has no end, and more or less, has no start either. There are no cut-scenes, no story monologues, not any sort of explanation – it just starts, and you have to run. Endlessly.

The brief description on the iTunes pages describes what this game is all about – you are a thief who has managed to jail break (ho ho pun intended) and is now on the run (for eternity, it seems…poor guy). The visual overlay is dark and gloomy – thunderous dark cloud looms overhead, lightning crackles through the punishing rain, there is no light, no one else is to be seen with only a group of crows disturbing the frightening and deathly atmosphere. The whole feel instantly reminds us of Limbo, though it shares less of its violence and brazen cruelty."

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