Source – Sony to announce PSP2 in Tokyo on January 27

VG247: VG247 has learnt that Sony it to hold a “business overview and strategy meeting” in Tokyo on January 27, and has been told that Sony will use the event as a reveal platform for PSP2.

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mrmikew20182835d ago

Finally some game related news.

jony_dols2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

You took your sweet time announcing it Sony.

I've been waiting for the PSP2 reveal for the past 2 years....

Day 1 import from Japan for me , especially if Sony Bend are working on an Uncharted launch title.

I can't wait to play proper FPS's with HD graphics using dual analogues on it, imagine pawning some n00bs online in COD or Killzone while sitting on the toilet.

Valve shoud release Portal 2 on it, it would be a perfect handheld title.

MAJ0R2834d ago

very good news, I'm glad that phone wasn't the PSP2

RevXM2834d ago

"Killzone... now make u cum while on the toilet."

Hoping for dual analogs!
No dual, no deal.
Its the way I roll.

StbI9902835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I;m sooo hToTrny......I mean, excited, bring it sonyyyyy, final fantasy x on the go PLIS.

tehpees32834d ago

This is clearly Sony blasting Nintendo. Go for it Sony. Destroy 3DS hype and show Nintendo how to do a real hardcore handheld.

kharma452834d ago

Why can't we... yeno... enjoy both of them? They're both gonna be completely different machines.

RememberThe3572834d ago

This is N4G we take sides and argue over pointless crap!

GT5___2834d ago

3D have mgs , i want that in the psp 2 !!! ...

StbI9902834d ago

Nah, I want graphic > 3D any day, thanks.

Maybe in the future sony may take psp 3D enhancement aboard, but by now, some good battery life + Ps2/3 graphics, done and bye bye 3DS xD.

GT5___2834d ago

i mean the game, i know that 3D doesn't have good graphics , that's why i want mgs in the psp 2 .... i don't want to buy 3D just for one game , i can't , ps3 have alots of Exclusives this year so i can't buy another console and don't forget about the multiplats .... but i really really want mgs !! >.<

KiasuKiasiMan2834d ago

Hmm, we'll see if Sony has any surprises up their sleeves.

Maybe a glassless 3D display? Despite what the Sony execs say, they really need a wow factor in the device.

StbI9902834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

The only wow factor I;m expecting here, is a fully well integrated psnetwork on the go plus home, not taking out the whole ps2 library, just by thinking of suikoden, dragon quest 8, or final fantasy xii on the go, BOOM, or resident evil 4...fapping, like ocarina of time on 3DS, nuff for anyone to want both handheld.

mastiffchild2834d ago

I've long said that the big factor for a new Sony hand held would be huge access to the PS2 library and, controls permitting, that's what we'll get. We've seen people go for HD remakes of PS2 games so having them in HD quality AND in portable form -what better way to catch up on missed classics without eating into the time you have for new PS3 games etc?

Sure, they need a good design and some amazing launch titles(as, whatever you might think 3DS really DOES have some amazing games non the go)plus decent battery life but that PS2 library really should be key and if they price both the games and console correctly they could well be big players both in and out of the East.

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The story is too old to be commented.