Square Enix dev says 'we can't compete with Red Dead Redemption' | JRPG Tribe

Square Enix’s Hiroyuki Saegusa recently revealed to us just how he feels about open world titles such as last year’s smash hit, Red Dead Redemption. Saegusa – director for upcoming hack and slash title Lord of Arcana – explained that he had recently been playing Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty: Black Ops in his spare time. When asked his opinion on Rockstar’s wild west epic, he had a rather honest reply...

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TheGamerBible2839d ago

SE is a shadow of its former self. Some bad decisions and a refusal to adapt to nex gen standards have knocked it from its pedestal it had on the ps2. Hopefully god will send them some good fortune with FF versus13 and Hitman 5.

Yi-Long2839d ago

... interesting characters and stories, coupled with a battle-system that stays interesting and fun.

Ow, and it would also help if they didn't force a mediocre dub on it's customers.

rockleex2839d ago

They can make MMO's and FF12 but can't make an open world like Red Dead or GTA?

Not much difference.

But what sucks is that they can't even create great linear games anymore.

Seriously, FF13 was sh*t. Here's my reasons why:

ComboBreaker2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

but Squaresoft's linear games of the past can easily compete with the likes of open-world games such as Red Dead Redemption.

It's all about the quality, not the open-ness or linear-ness.

bakasora2838d ago

the fall of Japanese video gaming industry indeed

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Ratchet5102838d ago

No they dont because they made the best RPGs ever in history called FF 7 and 8, dissidia, 13 vs and vs agito. who cares about open world SOTC did it better than weak ass GTA and RDR, those games are the same but RDR is in wild west style wich is boring.

hay2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Rockstar's open world games have no match, that's true but I have a feeling that with this mentality he isn't aiming for big things.

Rainstorm812839d ago

Dear Square Enix:

Step your game up!!

NnT32912839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I agree, R*'s open world games are the best. And your avatar made me lol Xd

firefoxprime2838d ago

I actually kinda feel sorry for SE.
Hopefully their conference on the 18th will reveal some solid gameplay from VersusXIII, Agito, KH3D, and the speculated FFVII remake. I actually enjoy their current action-rpg direction. hack n slash ftw

FailOverHero2839d ago

You darn skippy you can't! I'm sorry but this gen belongs to Western Devs when it comes to HD consoles.

jony_dols2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Yeah Capcom and Square Enix really have fallen flat this gen.
Look at what they have done to great franchises such as Resident Evil and FF...

Hopefully Team Ico can redeem Japanese devs this gen.....

Cloudberry2839d ago


Rather than saying "couldn't compete", he could / should say that "Red Dead Redemption motivates us (Square Enix) to make better games."

I actually don't mind if Square Enix trying to build / copy their own open world games and integrate them with their own RPGs.

If they could make it better, why not?

ps3rider2839d ago

square enix in this generation sucks.

TheGamerBible2839d ago

Why does this have 3 agrees but the first comment that says the same thing has 4 disagrees? Nice one n4g.

jony_dols2839d ago

Ps3rider specifically said that Square Enix suck this generation.

While the first comment said that Square Enix suck, in general (so that pretty much includes all of Square Enixs games from last gen including FF-X...)

ps3rider2839d ago

I will tell you,
because squre enix is not sucks but in this generation its sucks

TheOldOne2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I meant in this generation but whatever.

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