How Warner and Sony's video game rivalry led to cooperation on DC Universe Online

In early 2005, Sony Online Entertainment's and Warner Bros.' interests in the online gaming business were very far apart.

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sinncross2889d ago

This game looks pretty fun. I hope SOE + Warner make their money back.

OhReginald2889d ago

they will make their money back on subscription fees alone easily.

starcb262889d ago

There's a subscription fee? :(

Brewski0072888d ago

Interesting article. Always did prefer DC to Marvel anywho :)

Ps_alm3k2889d ago

the game is fun.....

Only thing that bothers me is the level cap of 30.

Pain2889d ago

Dont forget the BUGS.. grrr.. ..

other then that... :D

BlackTar1872889d ago

yea i bet in 2 months they will raise it to 40 and so on.

i love this game im not for the lvl 30 but it makes it easier for me to try every class while i wait.

Great game so far

256bit2889d ago

.....pretty much DC is owning marvel in animated films. marvel hasnt even bring nothing decent since PLANET HULK. on the other hand DC came out with batman under the red hood and the up and coming ALL STAR SUPERMAN. even though im OT, marvel is meh while DC is !!!

Omegasyde2889d ago

but Marvel owns them in Live Action film i.e. Iron man, Spiderman + Wolverine Origins. I am hoping the new green Latern movie does well, but the last superman movie stunk worse than Xmen 3.

256bit2888d ago

thats true, marvel has more live action films out there. but SAM RAIMI spiderman films were utter crap. i hope this reboot can do justice.

BlackTar1872889d ago

problem with marvel Movies and Cartoon movies is the plot is always so cheesy written the character arn't well explained and everything seem slike a mash up.
I own most of them DC and Marvel and marvel only has afew i even would watch a 2nd time where in DC. Justice League was good the red hood was good wonder woman was good etc.

Avengers was pretty lame Doctor strange was cool but the rest were way to simpel and mashed up.

All opinion feel free to disagree.

despair2889d ago

Superman:Doomsday is still my favorite one to date.

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