Amazon offers bonus PS3, 3D Starter Kit with 3D LED HDTV

Through Feb. 15, customers who purchase a select 3D LED HDTV will receive a PS3 160GB SKU and a 3D Starter Kit at no additional cost.

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M-Easy2837d ago

This is very old "news."

Balt 2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Gotta do something to get rid of undesirable appliances.

blumatt2837d ago

Well, I guess I've gotta do something to get rid of undesirable trolls. Guess I'll bubble you down. Everyone do their part in getting rid of this undesirable troll.
On topic, this seems like a good way to jump into 3D as well as snag a PS3 for the great exclusives coming this year, as well as its large back-catalog of games.