Sony to Geohot: See you in court

Eurogamer-Digital Foundry:

The legality of hacking has been bolstered recently by a handful of high profile cases and rulings, but the concept of jailbreaking got a powerful shot in the arm via a DMCA amendment that made iPhone modification exempt from the act and thus legal - but it should be pointed out that this exemption applies only to mobile telephones and even the iPad is currently not covered. However, another DMCA exemption allows for "the cracking of videogame digital rights management controls to probe security flaws" but quite how this relates to the precise issues of PS3 security remains to be seen.

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Megaton2835d ago

How many approved dupes of this story are we up to now? 20? 30?

Kors2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

This is not a dupe of previous hack news - this is an article/opinion piece on the issue.

Kamikaze1352835d ago

Same thing...we're still reading about the same thing over and over again. We get it >_<

Kurt Russell2835d ago

If we're lucky we can read it again a bit later on today!

mrmikew20182835d ago

Probably the amount that we saw with the PS3 being supposedly hacked.

ChristianGamer2835d ago

Supposedly? Still dipping your feet in The Nile huh?

outwar60102835d ago

Hopefully not before the american airforce get him to to bring back other os to all their thousands of ps3s lol

Mmmkay2835d ago

there is no reason for the air force to connect to psn... so they still have an old firmware and other os....

outwar60102835d ago

i thought they played warhawk to prepare lmao

Simon_Brezhnev2835d ago

real lame attempt to try to be funny

TroyAndAbed2835d ago

Whether his joke was funny or not is irrelevant.

That was a dick move on your part.

Balt 2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Reading over Sony's doc's one can really see clearly just how delusional they are. They really believe they can sell the PS3 at 600, 500, 400 and recently 300 bucks to the consumer, yet still retain ownership of the product.

That isn't how it works, Sony. If anything this might turn people away from the Ps3 further if you think about it. Some people might question what they truly do and do not own by going the Sony route. I mean, do we own the games we bought from them? The software we downloaded? What if we upload pictures to the PS3, does Sony automatically think they own those too?

Yeah, Sony's out of touch. I hope they lose big time. And they will, just like Bleemcast, Dualshock and the optic disk cases they rushed into. Lost them all.

I hope this sinks Sony and their self entitled ways.

mrmikew20182835d ago

I hope it sinks Sony as well, so we won't have to hear you complain anymore.

Karooo2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

oh please, ps3 doesnt belong to sony only, it belongs to sony shareholders, developers, and all that. You cant do shit with it.

They are stopping piracy, the root key was leaked that is sonys property.

outwar60102835d ago

i thought it belonged to the people who paid for the console(425 for my first one on release day which broke the and the replacement 300 for my 40 gig where i was smart enough to pay 60 pounds for insurance because that one broke 4 months later) my ps2 has outlived 3 ps3s lol what a joke

RememberThe3572835d ago

You obviously didn't read the user agreement.But to use the software you have you abide by the user agreement. If you brake your agreement you are subject to legal action. In this case of leaking security codes you would be braking the law in the US. Do whatever you want with the hardware, but you really can't mess with the software.

LordMarius2835d ago

Reading your posts, it seems you are the one out of touch

RememberThe3572835d ago

Did you ever think of other possibilities? They are talking about the software. We buy the hardware and lease the software. It's all in the user agreement when you start up your console for the first time. If you don't like the agreement then take the product back. It is clear that Hotz has violated some laws. It will be up to the court to enforce them or not.

DJMarty2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Reverse engineering is a crime, it's in there (TOS).

Sonys Firmware are Copyrighted as are all the SDK's and Service Dongle Tools.

Geohot should be locked up for a very long time.

He's guilty of theft, piracy & hacking/reverse engineering.

Persistantthug2835d ago

Also, while piracy is a crime, hacking is not.

I can hack my PS3 and turn it into a toaster if I want to, there is no law against that.

In fact, there was a recent law that clarified the language about hacking cellphones so you can get apps, homebrew, and other functionality of said device.

One last thing....TOS's are not "be all, end all".

nickjkl2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

between copyright and tos

all content created by sony and devs are owned by their respective content

if you create content you own it

bringing pictures that you have created into this argument just makes you look stupid

and no just because you paid for something doesnt mean you have the right to mod it if the developer does not wish for it to be modded car companys allow you to by aftermarket parts engine companys allow you to modify your engine

i dont get it all these people are saying this has nothing to do with piracy yet on neo gaf you have people playing old snes games that they didnt pay for and just downloaded off the internet isnt that what piracy is

i dont see how fail over flow has a case

not with comments like
“to make piracy easier without accomplishing
anything intrinsically useful.”


“Last chance to sell any Sony stock you may

failoverflow is like a virus to sony and virus's must be exterminated/eliminated before it spreads

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Brawler2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I got the cfw on my ps3 enjoying playing snes and sega on it cant wait for more awesome homebrew like a n64 emulator. And I know it can lead to piracy but imo who the hell wants to sit and download 10gb+ files i know sure as hell i don't such a waste of time.

Vega752835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I love when people say " bu bu bu who wants to download a 10-50 gig games file". If it's free who wouldn't. I could see if it cost you to download those games, but it doesn't. The most your spending is your time waiting for it to upload. Or you could just rent the game and install it to the HDD which wouldn't take long at all.

At below: not disputing your download cap theory. But again if it's a choice between paying a few extra buck or waiting a few days for it to finish downloading as apose to say paying $65 dollars for a game. I think most people would go for the free approach. Giving the choice I know I would.

Brawler2835d ago

I know this alot of people in north america including myself have bandwidth caps and download one ps3 game could make you hit that cap. Which in turn you get charged for going over so no I don't think it's worth I love the homebrew aspect but piracy is a waste of time. For this anyway. Cause imo everyone has pirated something be it music,moves,roms we all have done it.

mastiffchild2835d ago

EVERYONE HASN'T pirated something. I never have and as someone who suffers at the hands of piracy I take offence at you suggesting otherwise. We aren't ALL lowlife thieves, you do realise that, don't you? That argument: "oh, everyone does it!" makes me apoplectic and I refuse to accept that everyone in this world is happy to mooch off everyone else.

You illegally download ONE song and you are just as bad as a burglar in my eyes. You're still taking food off people's tables/taking things that aren't yours. Piracy is too nice a word for common theft.

CBaoth2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

You aren't alone brah; I have never pirated anything as well. Not one song; I won't even watch a movie at a friend's house if I know it's a burnt copy. Good to see some other people have a moral center in this land of Sodom and Gomorrah called the internet.