Final Civilization VII: Storytelling in Sandbox Strategy Games – Part 1

Even sandbox strategy games like the Civilization series have in-game stories -- they just get written by the player. This article analyzes why the user-generated story matters, and what tools and information the designer should give the player. Full disclosure: I wrote this.

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pat_11_52929d ago

That's an interesting take on how RTS works, I've never thought of it that way before.

Greycat_James2929d ago

The lack of any real narrative was one of the reasons I gave Civ V a poor score in my review of it. That and the fact that it came out and ran so badly on my PC that it was unplayable...

TheSleepyGamer2929d ago

I've never really looked for a narrative in most strategy games, I've just come to accept that Army A must wipe out Armies B and C. Some RTS' do have a great storyline, a recent example being Starcraft II.