Sony Stands Up to PS3 Hackers, But Will it Pay Off?

The once impenetrable PlayStation 3 has become one of the most open and defenceless systems in gaming history. Hackers claimed that Sony would be unable to stop the hacks on current hardware, confident that their actions would continue without any opposition. However, Sony is planning on fighting back, suing those involved in the hack. But what ramifications could the lawsuits have on Sony and the hacking community?

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Balt 2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Waste of time and money. Sony hasn't had a very good track record in court to my knowledge.

Bleemcast -- Lost that one
Dualshock -- Lost that one
Optical disc -- Lost that one

Magic 8 balls all over the world are saying "outlook not so good". Sony should just take the money their gonna toss into court cost, and the defendants cost when they win the case, and just put George on Salary.

NJShadow2837d ago

And with the iPhone Jailbreak being legal, this REALLY isn't looking good for Sony.

EYEamNUMBER12837d ago

i say its a waste of time because in the end its really not gonna do nothing this geo hot and failover flow don't look like they have bundles of money

even if they do win the case its just gonna get these guys in trouble but in the end it wont stop the hacking

but a lawsuit was bound to happen standard procedure at this point

fail0verflow2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

XBoxes sell, games sell, Microsoft is making money
Wii's sell, games sell, Nintendo is making money
PS3's sales will boost, games will still sell, Sony will keep making money.

Stop worrying too much, do you think people who were buying games, will now say "Sc*ew it, so what I got a little collection, it's time to get download busy" ? A few precent maybe, but pirates are newcommers to the system, not those who are buying games already, game sales won't decline.

I bet Sony is worried more about PSN safety, etc.

Dragun6192837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Look, If Sony doesn't do anything, I'm sure it'll affect them in the long run, especially with their relationships with some third party publishers. Since it seems pretty easy to pirate games without needing to mod your PS3.

And honestly, It's better for them to try than not, because then Developers and publishers who put their hard effort into these games for PS3 will know that Sony did try to stop these hackers instead of sitting around saying "What's the point? We probably gonna lose." Who the hell would tolerate that kind of attitude in the gaming business, if at all?

And Seriously, If Geohot wanted to be hired by Sony, I don't think going around doing interviews on the internet/forums touting that you found the Keys for the PS3 and releasing a cfw/ leaking the keys for PS3 would be the right way to do it. Rather than, calling them up, and showing them a loophole in PS3's Security system.

And for PSN Safety, it seems like Sony do indeed have the ability to ban Jailbroken PS3's from playing online on PSN just like how MS can ban Modded Xbox360's from XBL.

It's just up to Sony if they'll pursue that route or not.

MintBerryCrunch2837d ago

No one has been sued yet and this isn't really even a "lawsuit", again, yet. All Sony has filed is a Motion for TRO (temporary retraining order) asking that all jailbreaking tools and information be removed from the web and all hardware associated with such tools be impounded. Sony has not filed a complaint for copyright infringement.

NJShadow2837d ago

I dunno Mint. From what I read, Sony has alleged extortion, copyright infringement, etc. This is a fairly big case.

shoddy2837d ago

make thier life as a living hell as posible.

$5-$10mil for lawers is not that much when you have a billion $.

watch who you fuking with.

zeeshan2837d ago

This will anger the hacking community and will work towards uniting hackers. A couple of people trying to break a system's security is one thing but a whole bunch of them is going to cause some serious problems for Sony.

Leaking something on the internet while remaining anonymous is not at all a big issue! You can easily have a contact outside US and get them to leak your work. Sony, M$ and Nintendo can't do ANYTHING to win this battle by going after one person or heck even a group. The sheer number of hackers out there can beat even these giants and we have seen this happen in the past with the most recent one being PS3 security getting compromised.

Really, I believe this will unite all the hackers and is going to become an ugly war between Sony and hacking community and I seriously doubt Sony's chances of winning this one.

Oh and lastly, I believe this is not really a lawsuit. If you read the details on the internet again, you'll see that this is not a lawsuit but merely Sony trying to stop some guys from spreading some code but this can not stop anymore and will not harass hackers at all.

inveni02837d ago

This is different than the iPhone hack. Here's why:

They aren't "unlocking" the console. They're transmitting encryption algorithms that are copyrighted. People might not realize this, but it's a federal offense to do both of those things without being authorized by the proper authorities. So, it's not a simple "can't I modify my own hardware" argument. It's a "can't I violate federal law" argument. Geo's gonna lose. He has to lose because letting him win would be back-peddling on treaties that the US has made internationally.

This is a big deal.

ComboBreaker2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Pirates also thinks it's a waste of money to buy great games and support the hard working developers.

How can it be a waste of money for Sony when Geo and the hackers will be paying Sony back for damages?

Pirates thinks there's no point to sueing Geo and those hackers.

But there is a point. The point is to make sure Geo and the hackers go to jail for a long long time, where he'll not be able to jailbreak out of.

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deadreckoning6662837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Question: Even if Sony successfully sues these people(and thats a BIG if) will that stop the hack thats ALREADY out there?

Sony at the moment KNOWS that they can't do anything about about Geohot's hack. If they change the root key, they'll effectively render all current PS3 software useless. So, they are now relying on FEAR to get people to stop hacking the PS3.

If Sony loses this suit(which is a good possibilty given there past failures with lawsuits), this will only increase the number of hackers because people will believe that there are no reprecussions.
@Balt- Exactly. In the end, Sony's dammed if they do and dammned if they don't. If they lose the lawsuit...thats obviously bad for Sony. And if they win the lawsuit...they'll have hackers from around the world working even harder to further open up a system that has ALREADY been cracked. A lot of these hackers KNOW the law and KNOW their rights. If they were afraid of getting sued, they wouldn't post their dirty laundry on the Internet for everyone to see.

Balt 2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

It won't. It'll just stop George and Fail team from tampering with the hardware further. Basically restricting them because they're the one's Sony is afraid of the most. They're the ones with the most talent and can do the most damage.

Basically, in the end, Sony is trying to cut the head of the snake after the bite has taken place. It's really not worth it because the damage is already done. Sure they might not bite and strike again, but the console's life is now in jeopardy and there is no antidote in site.

Analogy aside now:

I want to stress, as I said earlier, America loves this kind of thing. Hollywood loves it even more -- George has breached a billion dollar company and made them stumble. The world has witnessed this. They have seen how one man has taken a billion dollar company, challenged them to a game of Chess and won.

George will have his own movie. Wait and see. Wait and see. He will come out of this the winner no matter what happens in court.

America loves the crafty, every day kid/guy who can outsmart the big fish.

"Catch me if you can" & "War Games" are only two examples of this in Hollywood. There are hundreds.

HolyOrangeCows2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

" will that stop the hack thats ALREADY out there?"
"Waste of time and money"
"Sony is trying to cut the head of the snake after the bite has taken place. It's really not worth it because the damage is already done"

Well, let's take a look at the charges first of all. Tampering and distribution of copy-protected code and software....something I recall being told I "didn't know what I was talking about".

If they won, it would set precedent and make all further 'suits against US PS3 hackers quick and simple. Sony could bring PS3 hackers to a near halt in the US (And other countries holding copyright agreements with it). Would there still be hackers in other countries?...sure. But they would still have stopped a large portion of the PS3 hackers.

I know you guys would rather see "the big fish" die, lol, but they're going to protect their investment. You're only fooling yourselves if you think Sony setting this precedent "isn't worth it" or "won't do anything".

"just put George on Salary"
The Hobbit that ultimately hacked the Ps3 because he slipped in after the work was done for him, after YEARS of failure trying for himself? LOL!

DeadIIIRed2836d ago

Pretty sure they can just change the key via firmware and then either have publishers release patches for the new key or bundle them into a combined firmware. Wouldn't take as long or as much money as some people complain.

LordMarius2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

So you expect Sony to do nothing and not protect their investment? This measure is probably just to stop Geohot and friends from advancing with homebrew for the time being while Sony beefs up PSN and starts handing out bans along with firmware updates one after another

and why would they hire Geohot when it took him 4 years to hack it, Are they going to create the PS4 and then give him all the time in the world to hack it which will probably take him another 4 years, then patch it and release it? they dont need him

dragonelite2837d ago

Probably just a way to satisfy publisher just to show that they atleast took legal actions.

Optical_Matrix2837d ago

Is this guy high? They can't just turn a blind eye to it. Even if nothing really comes of it, maybe they can hold Gehot and Fail0verflow off and start improving PS3's security protocols through firmware updates etc. This will at least cause Sony to get more serious about this whole thing.

End of the day though, Sony will continue to make money. The PS3 will continue to gain momentum. Sales may even improve. But Sony, like any company is protecting their business. Good lord.

Blaze9292836d ago

"I have spoken with legal counsel and I feel comfortable that Sony's action against me doesn't have any basis." ....

Figured as much. They will go completely unphased. Waste of time and money for Sony. That's why no one else ever sues hackers, it's pointless. But we shall see. I don't see Sony winning this though.

Scary692836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )


You are such a Moron those lawsuit you mention has nothing to do with that case at hand. Go get yourself a better education and maybe then you can understand how the LAW really works. Too many uneducated douche bags in this place *sigh* I support Sony and I hope these guys get more then they bargain like jail time and a serious fine.

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NJShadow2837d ago

I support the guys. I mean, regardless of the outcome of the PS3 hacking situation, you can't go back, the code is out there. I really admire the brilliance and intelligence of the guys behind all this. Let's hope all goes well for them once they hit the court room.

I'm kinda disappointed with the people who hate on these guys because this stuff can lead to piracy and even cheating, there's no going back. Brilliance is brilliance, and as long as it's not for something truly evil, I admire it.

Lifewish2837d ago

i dont support them if their actions leads to trouble for us PAYING customers

NewMonday2837d ago

No the brilliant is someone like Gabe Newel or McCormack or Blezinsky or David Jaffe, people who work hard and honestly to make things, not someone who takes things apart in his basement to become popular.

blackburn52837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

@ NJShadow That's nice. You don't know them personally or know what they are really up to but you cheer them on. They could be just a bunch of lowlifes who don't give a damn.Sony is probably no saint either but better the devil I know then the devils i don't But it is strange that you cheer for them but people attack us for cheering on Sony. These 'brilliant' @$$holes could compromise the whole security of the PS3 and ruin it for so many people. And all you do is pat them on the head and say good job? For stepping on all of us legit and innocent users just because Sony told them 'No we don't want you to do that"?' to get what they want.

I am not surprised though.I hear that type of childishness every day. Sony is not a single entity. It is full of people who do an honest days work and work hard for their money. But these idiots who ignore the consequences of their actions are cheered on by people like you and give them the attention they want.I don't know who will win out in the end but I am certainly not going to give them any support.

NJShadow2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

If you could go back then things would be completely different. But you can't, so why writhe and complain? I understand the problems that they're causing for Sony, and how it could negatively affect me and many other PS3 users. But since there's no going back, it's pointless to argue on either side of the equation, in my opinion.

I mean, I guess I could blame Gehot, but that's where the blame ends, HE'S the one who exploited the keys. Am I going to mess with my console? HECK NO, I'm not stupid. The consequences that Sony will slam down on those caught doing this is gonna be harsh, I've built up my PSN id, trophies, forum posts, etc. too much to risk it all. Regardless, these guys have knowledge in coding that many of us would only dream of.

Strange_Evil2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

@NJShadow... Think about this, if Sony wins the case (not saying they will, but just imagine) and a huge fine is slapped or worse these guys land behind bars, then it will send a message to all the hackers who are or will try to promote PS3 piracy in the future. It won't stop the hackers, but they will think 10 times before putting a tool out there for consumers hell lot of hackers will even give up and not publish the tools in fear of getting into a law suit.

Is it tough on Geohot and the fail team that they are being used as an example, hell ya, but that they should have thought before going public with Sony's key. It will send a message to all the other aspiring pirates not to mess around.

And even if Sony loses, but look at how many charges they are filing for. In the end it costs you money to hire a judge and represent and when you are going against a multi-billion organization with deep pockets, I better hope you rope in the best lawyer out there cause Sony's gonna come hard at you. Legal trials more than hurting you physically will hurt you mentally with sleepless nights thinking about whats gonna happen. This will blow the wind out of Geohotz sails mark my words at least for a while.

I dunno if it's right or wrong and who's right, but the guy did go public and then acted snobbish as if he just won an Oscar. You should have read his tweets. The guy was asking for some spanking.

Sony is implementing the scare tactics now and guess what it can work. Sony doesn't care much about the case they just want the guys who will cost them millions to suffer and set an example for future pirates.

Spenok2837d ago

It doesnt matter if it takes smarts to do something like this. The outcome for this just means PS3 owners will now have to deal with hackers and cheaters online, as well as piracy. Its upsetting that people do this, and i dont condone it. I hope Sony wins honestly.

doctorstrange2837d ago

Sony has declared war on the hacker community, which wont be good, but I wish em luck, and recognise the balls it takes for Sony to do this

GSpartan7772837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Sony won't win the war but they will take down a lot of people with them. It has already been reported that they possibly have the potential to disable all Jailbroken/hacked PS3's since they know what runs on your PS3 when you connect to PSN.

I'm very sure that they were not joking about their network updates and will certainly introduce a lot firmwares update in the future to create a very strong road block that even though might get hacked in the future will still take a long time to.

The average joe already isn't able to do most of what is needed to run custom firmware and run homebrew. It really not as easy as they make it out to be. It's easy for hackers that aren't that good but the average joe won't be able to do it with the exception of some.

But I think what Sony is ultimately trying to do right now is getting rid of Geohotz and Fail0verflow.

ftwrthtx2837d ago

If it helps create a PS3 pirating system, it will force the rest of us to pay for the thievery. Games are already 60 bucks a pop. This will drive the prices up even more.

doctorstrange2837d ago

A bunch of devs are going out of business, this'll lead to more

The Hunter2837d ago

So, that means: No Uncharted 3 (and sequals), Resistance 3, AGENT, etc.. ??

Wait, Xbox360 is hacked uhh, 2011 is shit for Xbox (exclusives), is that the reason?

pork_chop_express2836d ago

I know ur joking but that is actually a valid point, the kind of people who buy kinect can only just get the tv onto the right channel.

So yes I would imagine that is a part of the MS casual conversion.

NJShadow2837d ago

That REALLY sucks for those of us who may have considered it for homebrew, rather than piracy.

ftwrthtx2837d ago

I'm a fan of homebrew, but that usually leads to pirating, which usually leads to us paying extra.

pork_chop_express2836d ago

what homebrew!!? snes emulation ffs

all the decent homebrew creators end up in the industry.

ur better off being creative and putting together an app and making a few $$££$$££

Kon2837d ago

I don't see how this will raise the game's prices. The 360 games are pirated for quite some time but the prices aren't high.

bananlol2837d ago

Those who pirate usally dont buy new games so perhaps this will hit the second had market harder.

BYE2837d ago

If this has any consequence it will be that we will see more casual and low budget games and less blockbuster titles.

I doubt they will charge more than 60 bucks, which by the way is not expensive compared to older gens (Neo Geo anyone?).

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dexus2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

They get what they ask for.
I hope this will be a nice warning for anyone who will continue.
No piracy is something that had made PS3 such a great console that it is.
But who will like to make games for fully cracked system?
In the end, only bad things come out of it, crapy B titles / ports.
Just look at PSP, the games that are released for it are at majority just B's