TitanReviews: Battlefield 3 Expectations

Titan Reviews describes what they hope is included in Battlefield 3. The game is set to be revealed at GDC 2011.

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Shackdaddy8362888d ago

I'm expecting high things from their new frostbite engine seeing as the next MoH will be running off it too.

Cant waaaaaaiiiiiit.

Op242888d ago

MOH will be running off it? Didn know that. If MOH does that it will be freakin awesome

Shackdaddy8362888d ago

Ya. they had a job search that required knowledge of the new frostbite engine.

Op242888d ago

Well then...i'm sold on the next medal of honor already lol

Pandamobile2888d ago

Why would they list Frostbite experience as a requirement for a job when the only people who have Frostbite experience are DICE themselves?

Shackdaddy8362888d ago

Oh sorry. they said

"•Utilize cutting edge Frostbite 2 tool set and the collected knowledge of 7000 EA co-workers around the globe to deliver world class multiplayer levels."

it wasn't a requirement. my bad.


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Agent-862888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I hope they don't limit the PC version just to make it equal to the console versions. So, for example, if the consoles couldn't handle more than 32 players, hopefully they won't limit the PC to the same number (please keep the large 64 player battles). Remember how the BF2 maps had different versions of the same map depending on the amount of players: a 16, 32, and 64 player variants. Well, then for BF3, consoles would only have access to the 16 and 32 size versions, but the PC would also have access to the larger 64 player maps. I was hoping BF3 would stay a PC exclusive so it doesn't get "consolized" (ie. smaller maps and player counts). However, DICE says they're paying special attention to the PC version, so if they manage to keep the PC version to it's full potential, then I'll be very happy indeed. I really want to see BF2 sized battles with BFBC2 style destruction.

Spitfire_Riggz2888d ago

Don't see why they wouldn't be able to do it for all 3 platforms seeing MAG with 250 plus. Makes me think they were lazy if they don't include more players

Agent-862888d ago

Ya, I know of MAG, but I think they get away with it by dividing up the action so no one area gets overwhelmed with stuff going on and causing lag (explosions, vehicles, mayhem, etc.). Also, BF will be a much more graphically intense game which will also use up resources (the Frostbite engine has to keep track of all that destruction). It would be great if the consoles could handle a 64 player BF3. I really hope so, but I'm just saying and hoping that the PC version doesn't suffer if the consoles can't hang with that amount.

Spitfire_Riggz2888d ago

Well MAG is graphically unpleasing because of the 250 plus players. If it were down to 64 it would look just as nice as any other game I think

SpitFireAce852888d ago

Cant wait to see some more info on Battlefield 3...

playaplayer2888d ago

what's keeping consoles from having the same amount of players as pc. If the game is ran on dedicated servers. Why can't consoles have the same amount of players as pc. Mag has 256 players and that's a console game.


Meh it will probably be a dumbed down version of BF2 with "better graphics" less players, and pre-rendered destruction.

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