Will 2011 finally be the year of the PS3?

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"For years hardcore gamers have chastised the PS3 as being a blu-ray player that just so happened to play a handful games. Early PS3 adopters attempted to justify their purchase with titles like Uncharted and Resistance, but those outside of Sony’s sphere of influence were unswayed by these games. Each year since the consoles release, statements have been issued from Sony with an executive saying “This is the year of the PS3!“, with each year proving to go to Nintendo."

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stonecold32890d ago

the year of ps3 begain in 2008 right up to 2011 peace out ?

rockleex2889d ago

Will 2011 finally be the year GoGamingGiant turns its eyes towards the PS3 because they can no longer pretend that Microsoft is still supporting the core gamers out there?

Commander_TK2889d ago

2007: 360

2008: Hard to tell. PS3 I think.

2009: PS3.

2010: Wii. (Look at the goddamn amount of exclusives it had that year).

2011: Predicting PS3.

gaffyh2889d ago

Since 2008, PS3 has had the best exclusive lineup so it has been the year of the PS3 for the last 3 years, and it will be this year too.

If however you are going on sales, then it is always the year of the DS.

tehpees32889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

It already has been the year of PS3. It has been for the past 3 years. these guys are looking for hits. it will continue to be the year of ps3 for as long as sony keep pumping all these games

deadreckoning6662889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

2008 to 2011 was the year of awesome gaming. No more, no less. Only fanboys argue over this type of crap.


A person who only owns a PS3 will say its the year of the PS3.

A person who only owns a 360 will say its the year of the 360.

A person who only owns a Wii will say its the year of the Wii.

If a person owns more than one console, the decision is up in the air. People buy console that APPEAL to them. The PS3 will never appeal to ALL gamers just as the 360 will never appeal to all gamers.

As much as people like to shut off their brains on this site, there is no one here who can GUARANTEE that every hardcore gamer will enjoy the PS3 experience more than the 360 experience and vice versa.

Moentjers2889d ago

A person who only owns a 360 and doesn't like kinect will say WTF ?

DigitalRaptor2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

The 360 experience in 2011... when the only choice is Kinect or (for the most part) games that PS3 owners will also be able to play?

VenomProject2889d ago

You can't call yourself a real gamer if you don't think Sony's lineup is better than Microsoft's this year.

Seriously, get over it. Multi-console owner or not, Sony's lineup rocks your balls off.

midgard2272889d ago

exactly my thoughts, the ps3 has had more good exclusives since then so what are they talkin bout lol. i tried alan wake on the 360 the other day....horrible, boring, lack of direction, bad acting, stale gameplay, not scary.

sad cuz it was a hope for the xbox to have a good exclusive with a name other than halo, gears or fable which may i had im not a fan of 2 of them.

and with the loss of mass effect as an exlcusive im seeing less and less reason to turn on my halo edition 360 :/

tehpees32889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

the exclusives on ps3 far outweigh and outclass 360. mark my words it is only a matter of time before PS3 overtakes it. eventually all the exclusives will be too much for any 360 owner to resist considering where M$ is going with kinect

visualb2889d ago

every year is the year of the gamer.

so...yeah, sure it will =)

wenaldy2889d ago

Every year is the year of PS3 :3

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shutupandplay2890d ago

Lol, nope. I`ve been hearing this since 2006 and it has never happened not even once. Its always another year, and another year, and another year. It doesn`t really matter how many games you pump out if none of them sell and none of them can sell any consoles either. PS3 is still dead last with no signs of catching up and nobody cares about it`s games. So how can it possibly be year of the PS3? LOL.

MariaHelFutura2890d ago

I imagine you`ll be writing lots of this kinda stuff this year.

Go move your couch and dance around a little.

Agent Smith2890d ago

Lol, have fun with another Glitches of War.

wat6342889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Killzone is worse.

BLACKBOIJONES2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Pls give it a break, WTF is glitches of war.. I luv my ps3 but gears is an amazing game, every game has glitches even killzone, uncharted, halo..e.t.c

And name one ps3 exclusive games that sales like gears in the first week alone not to talk about it in a year or sales like halo. I know u will say sales dont matter but when uncharted 2 sold over 3milli copies u were saying sales do matter. I remember when killzone 2 was coming out every one was saying halo and 360 killer but guess what halo reach stil sold over 2-3million in a week and im very sure killzone 2 did not do that. Dont get me wrong i luv the ps3 more than the 360 but u ps3 fan boys needs to shut up and stop contradicting ur self.

@wat634 killzone is not worst,u cant compare the 2 games bcuz one is a FPS while the other is a TPS.Damn i dont know if gaming makes u guys dumber but this website has some crazy people.

maxcer2889d ago

funny stuff, wake me up when KZ2/Uc2 has as many users as gears.

ps3360games2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

you mad that ps3 has games to play and xbox 360 has sh**t

nobody cares about xbox 360 games because xbox 360 has no games to care about

Inzo2889d ago

See, this is what hate most about the xbox, its association with dumb gamers.Can you please explain your reasoning because I know for a fact that the PS3 was 10 mil behind the xbox at launch with the xbox having a year head start and now its only +-4 mil behind and closing but then again if it helps you sleep better night son you keep on believing the things you are spewing.

k-Lan2889d ago

Excuse me? Dumb gamers?? Who are you exactly? I didn't know you knew each and every 360 gamer. Popular guy!! Are multiple console gamers dumb also? Just asking.

What happened to Sony's dominance between last generation and our present generation? Were does the PS3 stand in comparison to the compitition now in 2011? What's that you say?? Have fun sleeping.

Cenobia2889d ago


Your comment history does not do much to campaign against that assumption.

Inzo2889d ago

@ k-Lan
Thanks for proving my point.

CernaML2889d ago

Considering the US is the only reason why the 360 is so far ahead the PS3, then I would agree that the 360 is more associated with dumb gamers. :P

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DigitalRaptor2889d ago

Dead last? GeneralMLD much?

Surely that would mean them being last place and not doing much to catch up? Where I'm looking from, Sony has all the games, great 3rd party support with better software sales all around. And the hardware gap is something like 2-3 million? Not much to shout about is it really?

So many people care about these games. Even the biased media is getting excited about all the PS3 exclusives, now that the PS3 is in a position where bashing it would be being foolish. And even if "nobody cares about its games" that would be because Sony doesn't market them and the PS3 perhaps as much as they should. Is it Sony's fault that Microsoft spends more on marketing than they do on actual games and content?

Halo 3 and Gears of War are better games, because more people have seen ads about them and want to buy them? That's just stupid.

And something that should be really relevant here. The people who go on about "Year Of The PS3"... you do realise they are talking about the games, not the commercial success of the company they are supporting. Sony has the best lineup in 2011, so yeah I guess 2011 is year of the PS3.

WesMcLaren2889d ago

I think you wasted your single bubble buddy.

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MariaHelFutura2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Once you go never go back.

All. Black. Everything.

theIMP2889d ago

I thought is was, "Once you go black......................... ...You gonna need a wheelchair". LOL

rockleex2889d ago

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

AKA2890d ago

well 2011 will be the best year for gamers
only if you own a ps3
if you don't, it will still be a great year to be a gamer

Dart892889d ago

Lmfao at the pix.*It finally has something.*

Ummm that pix should be changed i believe it has always had something i mean come on great exclusives only console with a blu ray player,free wifi,yes i know xbox has it but look how long it took them to implement it,free web browsing,hd remakes not many now but i'm pretty sure in the future we will get more.Free online play i could go on but i think i've made my point.

maxcer2889d ago

i find it funny you list wi-fi as a positive. if you use wi-fi for gaming your doing it wrong. and that shitty tool you call a web browser makes me laugh too. i guess its all you need for such a basic network experience like psn.

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