Razer Switchblade Behind Closed Doors at the 2011 CES writes: "While at the recent 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we got an up-close (and behind closed-door) look at Razer's new concept gaming PC, the Switchblade. Attempting to cram high-end gaming into a PC smaller than a traditional netbook, the Switchblade also impresses with its LCD keyboard able to swap key emblems on-the-fly as well as its touch screen. Razer has not announced any price point or release date..."

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JelalTrueshot2889d ago

Loved the way the reporter asked first about GPU , then tried to slide benchmark score by him. Guy didn't have an answer, but still dug it. lol.

If this thing turns out right, it could be really cool but you can tell just by the looks of this thing that it is VERY prototypical atm.