Uncharted 3 Won’t Be The Last? Introducing Lara Croft Possibilities Already In Discussion

This will be the Mr and Mrs Smith of the videogame industry but the scary part is that it's not impossible for this to become reality. Some reps at Naughty Dog already felt that this idea would in fact work but there's nothing concrete at the moment since all focus is on Uncharted 3.

Crystal Dynamics is in position to give life back to the Tomb Raider franchise in the biggest way possible, but with the inclusion of Nathan Drake and Lara Croft, these franchises will not only just continue but also expand into new games starring both classic characters. Stay tuned for more on this subject in the months to come

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stonecold32890d ago

if that does happened its going to be a ps3 exclusive game only peace out ? i hope its true thought

Godmars2902890d ago

When has HHG and "truth" ever been anywhere close?

Focker4202890d ago

Kratos in Mortal Kombat.... just sayin

madara0sama2890d ago

@Focker your an idiot if you think he made that possible. Just saying.

colonel1792890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )


actually he did. He was the one who started the buzz of including kratos when talking to the devs. They thought it was a good idea and did it.

This time, I can actually give the credit to HHG 100%

And I am not a fan of HHG

Best2890d ago Show
SoapShoes2890d ago

Duuudde.... Uncharted comes out every two years.... WHAT?!

thebudgetgamer2890d ago

i think he was the first to say a bungie game would be on the ps3, but yea his average isn't great.

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Megaton2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

@colonel - The MK Kratos thing was in the works long before that. I think it was David Jaffe who said he had known about it since before E3, long before HHG tried to claim credit for starting the rumor. That's the thing, he blurts out an insane amount of nonsense until something happens to be close to the truth, then promptly attaches his name to it as the breaking source.

It's very much like how psychics work. Guess until you're accidentally correct, then take all the credit. Of the hundreds of things he claimed would happen, you could probably count the number that amounted to anything on one hand.

SoapShoes2890d ago

Uncharted 2 came out in October 2009 and Uncharted 3 is November 2011... 2 years. Drake's Fortune came out in 2007, 2 years before Uncharted 2.

Rainstorm812890d ago

@Best - Beat it kid ya bother me

Lara and drake would make for an interesting storyline and maybe co-op gameplay...but this is so many worlds apart i dont EVER see it happening

Persistantthug2890d ago

HHG said back in April 2010: "Insomniac is prepared and ready to shock us once again and this time
it’s not just Resistance or Ratchet but something else."

Insomniac got angry because he was sniffing around their "multiplatform story"....but it turned out HHG was more right than wrong.

Gotta give the man his props when he's due them.

ABizzel12890d ago

There's no need to bring Lara Croft into Uncharted. Kratos in Mortal Kombat was a great idea hiphop, but Naughty Dog is better at writing, and creating their own characters so they don't need an Uncharted/ Tomb Raider cross over.

evrfighter2889d ago

Fun Fact

Naughty Dog is on pace with IW and Treyarch when it comes to releasing their flagship franchise.


TheLastGuardian2889d ago

I doubt this will happen but if it does I hope they don't use the new ugly Lara.

rockleex2889d ago

Except that its not a fact evrfighter.

Nice try though. MOO!!

Hairy Chewie2889d ago

Ugly Lara? Hotter than ever in my opinion.

Edito2889d ago

One thing for sure is true all of you o doesn't like him give him all the support cause you guys can come all the time just to say that his work sucks... lol its funny.

fail0verflow2889d ago

this would be groundbreaking

EeJLP-2889d ago

I suggested this 148 days ago:

"If done right, it would be interesting to see her make a guest appearance in an Uncharted game. Like they're competing to find a treasure, or maybe team up for a bit.

Stressing 'if done right' though. It would probably come off corny and very much out of place though and that's definitely not worth it."

Don't be giving too much credit to HHG if it happens.

DatNJDom812889d ago

Lara may be the tomb raider, but Nate is the womb raider. Be careful Lara.......

Edit: Aww shit someone beat me to the joke already.........

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toaster2890d ago

I bet this game will look SO GOOD SON on a 240Hz TV.

Nicaragua2889d ago

Yes, i understand from a reliable source that it creates a glasses free 3D effect... it really does

DOMination2889d ago

COD4MW: 2007
MW2: 2009

CODWaW: 2008
CODBO: 2010

Uncharted 2007
Uncharted 2 2009
Uncharted 3 2011

evrfighter is correct.

young juice2889d ago

COD4 2007
cod5 2008
cod6 2009
cod7 2010

thats an installment every year.

so if they took the number off uncharted its not part of the series anymore?

DOMination2889d ago

Young Juice, you are missing the point.

Read again CAREFULLY what evrfighter actually posted. Treyarch and IW have recently produced a CoD game every TWO years - therefore the same development cycle as Naughty Dog.

young juice2889d ago

he said they were milking the franchise (from what i read). i was just showing you how that logic is wrong because all of those games were under the call of duty franchise in general(and). doesnt matter witch studio makes it.

take warhawk for example made by incognito. icognito is now lightbox interactive. lightbox is making starhawk a sequel to warhawk. same franchise different studio.

all in all they are both sony devs. get what im sayin?

Steve_02889d ago

Guys, what evrfighter and DOMination are saying is 100% correct. I don't understand all the disagree's. They are not implying that Naughty Dog are "milking" the Uncharted franchise, just pointing out that the development cycles between the three companies are similar.

Of course, the fact that two companies working on a single franchise makes things different, as it results in a COD every year, but that doesn't change the fact that each individual game took roughly two years to make.

Now if the argument is about the leap in quality between each title from the respective studio's, then I would agree that the difference between Uncharted 1 and 2 was more significant than that of COD4 and Modern Warfare 2.

young juice2889d ago

i spelled "which" wrong. please ignore that cus its embarrassing.

evrfighter said they were milking. dont know about domination.

its snowing like f*ck outside. just thought you should know.

RedDevils2886d ago

here is the point Uncharted quality just get better every time it released, whereas COD does the complete opposite, don't believe me play the game and you would know

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xAlmostPro2889d ago

exactly i doubt they could do this since sony own the rights to uncharted.. although what they could do(and i said this in an article ages ago) is have lara croft make a cameo for a level or two :D which could be fun..

although i can't see them doing anymore than that without it being a ps3 exclusive anyway

FinalSpartan2889d ago

Thats alot of bull....But lets say it does happen. Lara + Drake on a adventure together. LOL Elena will be jealous.

MAJ0R2889d ago

HAHA I just KNEW this was a hiphopgamer title

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TheHater2890d ago

What is he going to come up with next? Halo vs Killzone exclusive for the Wii?

Aloren2889d ago

Well, no it's not beyond stupid... Halo vs Killzone would be beyond stupid, but uncharted and tomb raider ? This has awesome written all over it. I have a hard time thinking about 2 better games for a crossover.

milohighclub2889d ago

i hope they never do this, i personally think it would be worse than marky mark playing nate. please dont ruin the uncharted franchise, the movie will f-ck it up enough as it is.

DigitalRaptor2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

This is so stupid. I agree. HipHopGamer needs to stop promoting crappy ideas like this. That would totally diminish what each franchise has going for it. It would become a joke.

This isn't like Marvel vs. Capcom! TR and UC are both are serious, story-driven franchises.

And even if it did happen it would have to be exclusive to PS3 or PSP, because Nathan Drake aka Naughty Dog, is a property of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Hitman07692890d ago

This could be very interesting but personally I hope they make Lara Croft gameplay better first, or through this deal, those games FELL OFF!!!

DA_SHREDDER2890d ago

She's a trap. Eidos sould her butt to the highest paying pimp, and I would personally tell Ms. Croft to F off. After we did it of course. lol.

CrzyFooL2890d ago

I mean just the legal issues alone . . .