Indie Games Uprising Review: Cthulhu Saves The World (Spawn Kill)

Alfonso Arana of Spawn Kill writes: "

As we get closer and closer to the end of the Indie Games Uprising, Zeboyd Games, whom you may know for the Breath of Death VII, has come along for the ride with their most recent indie game, Cthulhu Saves the World. Yes, the title of the game is Cthulhu Saves the World. And yes, it’s just as crazy as it sounds. But with all of its insanity (including zombie cheerleaders, senile old men, and alien cats), humor, and old-school charm, Zeboyd Games has managed to make a good old-school RPG that’s not only addictive as hell, but one of the better RPGs I have played in 2010."

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tigresa2930d ago

Genuinely good humor is a good resource to have these days. Esp in RPGs!

Neckbear2930d ago

I completly agree, I love it when an RPG gets some laughs from me.

ShadowPraxis2930d ago

I haven't played more than a few minutes of it myself, but what I did was cute. Need to hurry and get back to it.

Snarkasaur2930d ago

I think I might prefer a game where I was able to destroy the world as Cthulu....but w/e!