King Nintendo Fanboy Predicts The 3DS Launch Date

King Nintendo Fanboy: Nintendo has made it clear that the 3DS will launch sometime this March in North America. Today, I will use my King Nintendo Fanboy knowledge and expertise to try and predict the 3DS launch date.

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dkblackhawk502929d ago

I am the king of nerds! Bow!

Kran2929d ago

Seriously? Isn't calling yourself the King Nintendo Fanboy just a little bit sad?

crxss2929d ago

Seriously? Isn't calling yourself the Back of a Clock a little bit sad?

Kran2929d ago

@crXss seriously, isnt adding a kiss in your name a little bit sad?

And I would have used Kranitoko but i sent the confirmation email to an invalid username and it wont let me change my email until I have activated the account

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