Big Download: OnLive MicroConsole Impressions

Since OnLive's launch last June, its main appeal has been to stream games on demand to practically any computer system, allowing players access to high-end PC games regardless of system requirements.

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smoothdude2835d ago

They need to market this more if they want to be successful. Am I the only one not excited by this? I mean really I can't image a hardcore gamer who spends thousands on his computer to play fantastic games picking this up. Don't PC Gamers like to mod their games too? This service seems like it will be an epic fail.

Pandamobile2835d ago

It's more suited to people with low-end computers or someone that wants to rent a game.

Core PC gamers will always build their own rigs.

morganfell2835d ago

As a PS3 gamer I have to laugh at this. I buy something, I own it. Permanently. And considering what I pay to play online through PSN or for example Steam on my PC I have a hard time looking at this as anything but a scam.

2834d ago