Top Ten Games of the Past Decade - Associated Content

Associated Content picks their top ten favorite games from the past decade, 2001-2010


Updated with the final choice for top ten games of the last decade.

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PlayerX2835d ago

Here is the list.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Resident Evil 4
Half Life 2
Metroid Prime
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Halo: Combat Evolved
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Dr-Zoidberg2834d ago

lol someone needs to learn how to count. Played RE4 UC2 SSB:B and GTA SA all great games. Hmm as for the number 10 spot I think I have to go with Dead Space.

Dark_Charizard2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Kudos to the ones who made it!

Dr-Zoidberg2834d ago

It is indeed a good list, I have not tried the rest unfortunately.

nicholaswrites2834d ago

Sorry guys, I forgot to submit my latest draft. It will be updated with the final choice later today.

Dr-Zoidberg2834d ago

I had no idea you made lol sorry didn't mean to offend when I said someone needs to learn to count. Good choices btw.

nicholaswrites2834d ago

It's ok, I am used to hearing much worse from people if they don't like what I have to say. I have been called everything in the book

Dr-Zoidberg2834d ago

No no it is fine just couldn't see the 10 games.