The Master Sword: A Blunt Blade

The Master Sword. What a fabulous core element of the Zelda series. The legendary 'blade of evil's bane', or less commonly, the 'sword of time'. It has been alongside Link since the release of A Link to the Past in 1992. Truly, it is his trustiest companion yet, but at the same time, it's hardly necessary. I mean, it has only been in seven of the sixteen games. It debuted in A Link to the Past, rose to fame in Ocarina of Time, made extremely questionable appearances in both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of seasons, before continuing to pander to Zelda fans with weak appearances in both The Wind waker and Twilight Princess. Now it returns in Skyward Sword once again. Seriously, this blade is thousands of years old in the Zelda universe - it's hardly a sword anymore. A blunt blade if you're lucky, but more likely a piece of old and rusted metal. About time the Master Sword was put to rest permanently.

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StarScream4Ever2832d ago

Wow this article got a good point. Now that I look back, the Double-Helix sword does more damage and it shoots a frecking projectile!

Otheros002832d ago

The master sword has gotten weaker after every zelda that comes out. That's why their is a third sword or a power up of the master sword in the 3d zelda games except Majora's Mask.