Penny Arcade, Gamer Culture And Rape

On August 11, 2010, the web comic Penny Arcade presented a comic strip titled "The Sixth Slave" that included rape as the set up to a punchline. The reaction to the comic from fans, writers, and rape survivors touched off a firestorm of controversy, and apparently took the creators by surprise. Read on to find out why the author thinks Penny Arcade is profiting from rape culture.

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bloopertrooper2889d ago

Penny Arcade has done lots of good things and they have a funny web comic, but I do't think this excuses the awful way they acted or the fact that they're now trying to profit off of hurting people. That's messed up.

HolyOrangeCows2889d ago

LOL, an entire article about people complaining about an old penny-arcade comic.

Their response to this stupid controversy:

bloopertrooper2889d ago

The article took apart that response, I think. Me, personally, I thought the follow up comic was them being jerks. Especially now that PA is selling Dickwolves t-shirts and pennants like the article says.

Why do you think the controversy is stupid? Considering the amount of rape and sexual abuse in the news, seems like there would eventually be spillover into gaming :(

silkrevolver2889d ago

Also: rape is bad... but... Penny Arcade is funny, so.....

bloopertrooper2888d ago

...what about making money off the pain caused to rape survivors? I mean really, a team Dickwolves shirt, months after the original controversy? IN the style of a sports jersey? Team Dickwolf, really?

And they are making pure profit off it! At least that other guy making the Dickwolf Survivor's Guild shirt is donating all profits to a rape survivor's charity.

Scelestus2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Really getting all upset at a rape joke is pathetic. I think most people will agree that murder is far worse than rape, and yet joking about or portraying murder is perfectly fine. Imagine if GTA was about rape and not murder, if that doesn't seem like a positive change to you, then you've been brainwashed by feminists.

bloopertrooper2888d ago

From the article:
"According to the Community Counseling Centers of Chicago, a third of rape survivors can develop post-traumatic stress disorder. McEwan further explained that "...rape jokes trigger (some) survivors of sexual violence... A survivor of sexual violence who experiences a trigger is experiencing the same thing as a soldier who experiences a trigger, potentially even including flashbacks... [and] post-traumatic stress disorder..."

Rape is a horrible experience that can mess you up for life. PTSD is no joke-- it means that you can't help but be triggered, and that means panic attacks or diziness or the worst-- reliving being raped all over again. PA prides themselves on the influence they have the words they craft... so if they unwittingly end up doing harm, they should acknowledge and take responsibility for the damage inflicted.