DC Universe Online Facts and 25 New Screens

Platform Nation bring us some facts and 25 new screenshots for DC Universe Online which was released today.

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JoeReno2839d ago

Yep, I jumped in it. I'm having a good old time with it so far. The bugs I noticed in the beta have been ironed out, and didnt have any freezing or lock ups today. I only got a few hours of gameplay in, but in the beta it was freezing pretty regularly. Over all im very happy with the launch of this mmo on the ps3.

Not that you can really score a game like this on launch day, but what ive seen so far would lend me t believe that its a solid 8-8.5/10 game

markwithers2839d ago

thats really interesting to read you think many of the bugs have been ironed out.

Chris3992839d ago

Only people having issues are Austrailians (whose codes dont work as they're region isn't allowed yet), Singapore and a couple places in Asia and people Hell bent on using wifi for MMOs. It might be ok for multiplayer console games, but anyone playing MMOs needs a dedicated connection.

Great launch, all in all. Game is ridiculously fun.

Kurt Russell2839d ago

I am scared to try it, just incase it saps the next 4 years of my life dry!

Is there a couple of months trial or are you paying right off the bat?

Focker4202839d ago

You get 30 days free when you buy the game.

Kurt Russell2838d ago

I think I'll wait then until I can pick it up discounted and the game has been patched with a proven player base. it looks a great idea, but I don't want to be stuck with an expensive dead online experience.

r1sh122839d ago

Keep posting on here please.
Im not sure whether to get it or not, I want to see the general thoughts of players and not reviews.

Chris3992839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

- game world is huge.
- so many collectibles
- achievements actually MEAN something, at lvl cap you trade points for extra skills.
- great cusomization. You can change your palette and gear at any time. You can change gear without changing your style (look).
- you can go anywhere on the map right off the bat. No invisible walls or tiered movement bs.
- combat if fun. Think 3rd person action RPG.
- very story driven.
- voice acting for every quest.
- cutscenes and extra comic cgi with major events

Anything else and I'll keep posting as it comes. Taking everything into account, I've been at MMOs for over 10 years, and this was the most refreshing, liberating MMO I've seen in a good while. If they keep up with the steady content and power updates as promised I may not play another game till Guild Wars 2.

KillahCam2839d ago

It's FREE for the first 30 days of your purchase.

user8586212839d ago

best MMO ive played so far

Darth_Bane792839d ago

It's a lot of fun, and it's more action oriented than your regular MMO. A lot of missions and stuff to do.

Kurisu2839d ago

Are PS3 servers seperate from PC, or do the two platforms get to play together?

Kurisu2839d ago

Ah, that kinda sucks. Still, I'm not getting this anyway, I just wanted to know that detail. Thanks for the reply, + bubble.

DirtyLary2839d ago

Great smooth launch on the pc side.

Villains are a bit over populated, but that's typical of the "cool" baddies faction of any mmo release.

Chris3992839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

At least I'm my server. Heroes were collecting all the bounties and while both sides were populated, I saw a lot of heroes.

Circe, while unpopular is the most entertaining mentor, simply by virtue of being so damn manaical! She's as nutty as the Joker.

Edit: @ below. Yeah and she's just plain EVIL! Which is what you really want if playing a villain. Lex has a masculinity/ inferiority complex, The Joker is just crazy, but Circe is an evil Goddess bent on bringing demon lords into the world and consuming human souls! Now we're talking! ;)

despair2839d ago

agreed, from the beta Circe had some of the best missions, and her showdown at about level 15(you'll know what I mean if you reach there) is very different than normal and a nice change.

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