DJ Hero 2 only $26.99 with FREE SHIPPING at Newegg

Conflicting Gamers - "A few days ago we posted about the DJ Hero Bundle at Amazon only being $40 (that deal is dead now), but it looks like Newegg is having a sale of their own, albeit on the Software only. For a limited time you can pick up a copy of DJ Hero 2 for only $26.99 with FREE SHIPPING! The deal is good for all three consoles, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. So do not wait on this, Newegg sells out of games hella fast!"

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Hitman07692839d ago

That's a good deal, too bad it doesn't include the tech lol!

fromasterjay2839d ago

I know, I was bummed when I saw that...

SeNiLesBack2839d ago

Or down, or all around. Good deal, but I need the hardware.

cgmike2839d ago

Definitely an improvement on DJH 1...

Ducky2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Last night a DJ saved me some cash...

...Hmm, Newegg. Can't say I've ever even thought of buying games from there.

jalen2472839d ago

Newegg always have games on the cheap with free shipping even if the game is under $25...which would be better than the deal Amazon gives. They also have other good deals that are non video PC parts (Memory, hard drives, etc)