LittleBigPlanet 2 US Adventure Video

A US "Adventure" trailer.

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49erguy3023d ago

love that new music. fits nicely

TheLastGuardian3023d ago

There sure are alot of trailers for this game. I hope there will be a new Kevin Butler commercial for LBP2. Only 7 more days.

49erguy3023d ago

yeah a classic one like the gt5 commercial

fungmi3023d ago

Yeah it's gonna be awesome! Still there best game of it's type on any console.

Dannehkins3023d ago

Love that bit with the green monster. Ha, can't wait for this game.

mandf3023d ago

I'm going to recreate PixelJunk Monsters

Deathstroke3023d ago

I'm gonna make a sex ed level. Don't worry, it will be tasteful...Although you will be driving a penis shaped boat into a vagina.

mushroomwig3023d ago

If only our sex ed teacher had used that approach!

Ares84PS33023d ago

I don't know why but I never liked LBP. I didn't even finish the first one and never created a single level. After trying the demo of LBP2 I knew that I will never get that game because it's just like the first.

I don't know why but I don't see the greatness in this game that others do.

ForceCSW3023d ago

Just asking, how much time did you spend playing the community levels?

Ares84PS33023d ago


I don't like the whole setting/theme of LBP

branchedout3023d ago

Perfectly acceptable. A game can't please everybody!

I appreciate you stating your opinion without bashing the game, or the people that enjoy it. I'll send a bubble your way for being more civil than most N4Gers

Ares84PS33023d ago

Thank you for that kind sir!

I never bash games, just not my style.

As for LBP the funny thing is that the first time I've seen the first game I was like WOW this will be awesome. Unfortunatley it turned out not the be my cup of tea even though I rushed home after I got it in my hands.

Oh well, I'm more like an action/adventure guy and those games are very rare now-a-days :(

PS: It started snowing here in NYC again, 16inches here we go......

49erguy3023d ago

What is it that you don't like about it? Floatyness?

Ares84PS33023d ago

No, that's not it.

It's like I'm playing with little dolls and even if I'd try to creat a good platforming level it will be still easy to know it's LBP.

The whole cut out cardbox and sticker stuff.

I do like platformers...well I think I did more in my teens. But platformers like Crash Bandicoot that had a great theme to each level and Gex too along with Croc. Even though I kind of like the phisics of LBP I just can't enjoy that game. It's the look I think....doesn't matter how you twist it it's still the same look of little dolls playing in a cardbox and sticker world.

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