EA CEO: Game Discs Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Continuing IG's interview with EA CEO John Riccitiello, in which he stated that digital would overtake retail this year, the executive makes it clear that physical game discs will be an important part of the business for a long time to come despite the rise in digital gaming. IG specifically asked Riccitiello if everything would be headed towards a sort of cloud-based service, but he rejected the idea of all games going completely digital in the near future.

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donniebaseball3021d ago

I still think in less than 10 years, maybe not much more than 5, game discs will be like buying CDs - no one does it.

Hitman07693021d ago

Completely agree, game discs will not go away, music is much smaller than games filesize-wise and has no need to increase in size rather than games which will increase.