Dualshockers: Screw Motion Controls: In 2011, Get Ready for the Indie Renaissance

Last year was an absolutely fantastic year for gaming, but as the years pass, it might only be remembered for one monumental development: HD motion control gaming. With the release of the Microsoft Kinect and PlayStation Move, motion control gaming has hit its peak, or a new low, depending on who you ask. The gaming community may be dismissive of it, but make no mistake: motion control gaming is going full steam ahead, well into 2011, and we may very well see it define this year as well, with nothing to stop it in its ugly, casual-friendly tracks.

…or is that really the case? Because deep within the gaming recesses, there’s a movement that’s slowly been gaining momentum for a good few years now, almost unbeknownst to the mainstream. It peeked its head out in 2008 and briefly made some waves, only to shy away in 2009. But, in 2010, it finally grew the balls to get out from its hiding place, don a nice outfit, and finally show gamers that, yes, it is here, it is real, and it is available.

This “it” is the indie renaissance, and you better believe that in 2011, it’ll don a large trenchcoat with nothing underneath and flash the entire gaming industry proudly, with absolutely no inhibitions whatsoever.

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booni32932d ago

Indie developers are devoid of the tyranny of monotony and sequels that has enslaved the gaming industry. I too see them taking gaming by storm.

JohnColaw2932d ago

Nice article, I liked a lot of the comparisons in the article. Also that header image is brilliant.

taz80802932d ago

Motion controls is really just the game devs following the trends. Motion is trendy now, in 3 months it could be over though. Big devs follow $$$, small indie follow their fans.

thevokillist2931d ago

Motion has turned trendy, hasn't it?