Toned Body Add-On for Your Shape: Fitness Evolved on Kinect

So far Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is by far the best Kinect game, and by far the best computer based fitness trainer program I have ever experienced. If you are new to cardio training or have always wanted to try some more cardio exercises, the Toned Body add-on pack is definitely worth purchasing. This add-on isn't for the faint of heart either; you will really get your blood pumping and work up a good sweat, especially if you do a couple classes back-to-back. I found doing the classes back to back really maximizes the workout and the fact that a video game can help me workout and leave me sore the next day is super cool

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DualConsoleOwner2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

you should go to a gym..... this thing doesnt actually make you fit you know...

it was released in the healthy exercise guide released by the us gov.

according to they guideline, you need decent weight lifting as well as solid cardio which you cant really get on kinect.

JOLLY12889d ago

Actually they encourage you to use weights.

DualConsoleOwner2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

do you actually have this?? yes the weight they ask you to use is like 5 pounds for low impact exercises. even if you use 10 pounds, the movements are still low impact.

and where is solid cardio??

and please dont compare thing's "cardio mode" to actual running.

if you can run 2-3 miles, you would understand the difference.


Lol. what?? gym is less effective?? hahah no. you are dead wrong.

this workout is so limited mainly to low impact. while you can do full spectrum of work out at the gym

please, i know you are doing this out of fanboyism, but there might be other people who are actually trying to lose wait and get healthy. this work out game offers very limited spectrum. all their programs are fairly similar.

this is no where near a good substitute for a proper workout.

JOLLY12889d ago

Yes, I do have this. Did you know that it is harder to run in place than it is to run on a treadmill? Did you know that running in place builds more abdominal strength than running in the outdoors? Why you ask, simple, you actually lift your legs when you are running in place. If you ran outside like you do running in place you'd look like an idiot. Treadmills you just lift your feet and the treadmill runs for you.

I agree that you aren't going to get yoked. You will however get toned. You will also get in shape than just sitting on a couch. I never said to cancel your gym membership. I just said that they encourage you to use weights while doing the cardio.

Bigpappy2889d ago

Yep! Jolly is correct. As I have said before. If you are going to advice someone on the use of a product, you should at least give the product a full hands-on before commenting like an expert. This game RECOMMENDS and allow you the use weights while working out.

As some one who frequents the Gym, I can tell you that you will not have as effective a work-out at the gym as you would with Your Shape on Kinect, unless you have a fully certified personal trainer. I have use this software without weights for toning, and I must say, that when you are able to follow the instuctors form at least 80%, you will know you are working some muscles you had no idea how to work before.

hennessey862889d ago

and man am i soar. @ above you really should try before commenting. Yourshape provides a really good workout and has cardio modes

RonaldRaygun2889d ago

You don't necessarily need weights to get a good workout. Calisthenics, plyometrics, pilates, shadowboxing, and even yoga will all help you be fit without weights. And Kinect already offers a lot of these. It's not as good as a gym membership, but it's definitely a good workout tool, especially for those who are new to working out and don't know a lot of exercises.

sickpup2889d ago

How has no one done a straight comparison to EA Active Sports 2? I prefer the heart rate monitor, online integration, free workout creation, and all the other in game features. It does require a lot of space to properly recognize the user though. Outside of that the game works great. I am hesitant to buy another workout game without seeing someone discuss them side by side.

Bigpappy2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I am tempted to buy Storts Active mainly for the hart rate monitor. They shold sell it seperately and allow the feature in all Kinect games. But I have read that EA-SA is not as respomdsive as Your shape. I would like to have a demo like they did with Biggest loser. Your shape is the game to beat though.

little-star2884d ago

I think its really good to make you realise just whats involved in burning off that chocolate biscuit and together with a diet change and burning 200 calories a day its ideal, we all know its not going to make us super fit, theres a workout dvd or the gym for that but its a fun way to burn a couple of hundred calories without breaking to much of a sweat or walking out the door and if you don't workout at all its better than nothing, I'll try the other kinect workouts now I think, its fun!!!