Kinect gets the WoW factor

With some special help from the University of Southern California, the Kinect service for Xbox is now available for World of Warcraft users.
I’m sure everyone is aware of the Kinect system. It allows a person to use themselves as a controller to play some specially created games. But now a brainy guy called Evan Suma and his team at the University have managed to create a middleware program that allows people to plug the Kinect into their computers.

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Bigpappy2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

I can't remember seeing anyother product get the much attention from major institutions around the world.

It is begining to freak me out. May be Kinect has infiltrated, and is taking over our communications to try and fool people into brining it to their homes. I am thinking of moving mine to the garage.

ShadyDevil2934d ago

Lol Can you actually Imagine playing WOW on Kinect. Instead of point and click it would be point.

DualConsoleOwner2933d ago

in stead of point and clicking. you are going to have to do so many unnecessary movements..

not to mention the lag and inaccuracy problems you are going to have to endure..

Montrealien2933d ago

its a cute idea, but in no way could someone viably play wow with this. My paladin alone has well over 15 spells, and that is the easy class.

Agent-862934d ago

Where's the link the video so everyone can see how clunky the interface is? I'm not a WOW player, but it looks like a total chore to control your character with Kinect.

Oh, here's the link:

Raf1k12933d ago

I play WoW and there's no way I'd use Kinect to play it. It seems to work for simple PVE questing but there's no way you could play well in a dungeon or PVP using Kinect.

ASSASSYN 36o2933d ago

Looks like a workout. That is a good thing for fat out of shape WoW players.

acere2933d ago

yea wow so shity kinect

BYE2933d ago

It might be a nice proof of concept, but why would anyone use laggy Kinect for a game that requires fast reaction and finesse? It's almost like using it for Street Fighter, makes no sense.

artynerd2933d ago

"Looks like a workout. That is a good thing for fat out of shape WoW players."

Hahaha, that's the truth.

No matter how good this works, serious WOW players will never adopt it. It's all about efficiency and macros with WOW, and until the Kinect can read your finger movements sitting down, the efficiency of motion won't match keyboard and mouse.

Cool project tho.