1Up: Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood Review

1Up: The Disgaea franchise is well on its way to becoming the video game equivalent of that creepy guy who never quite grew out of his college goofball phase, even though he's become a bald, paunchy 40-year-old who can't hold down a day job. You know the guy: he's too busy trying to drum up stale laughs by sipping beer from a hat lined with twisty straws and doing John Belushi's "I'm a zit" routine to get his life together. Disgaea was deliriously fun back when it first hit the scene in 2003, a fresh, irreverent take on the tactical RPG that didn't just allow you to break the gameplay systems but actively encouraged it. Eight years later, however, the schtick is wearing thin.

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