Why You Should Rent Instead of Buying Games

NERDSociety writes "It’s 2011 and there are already big games coming out: Dead Space 2, Mortal Kombat, KillZone 3 just to name a few. With games retailing at $60 and the economy still in a recession, what’s a gamer to do?

You rent. That’s right, rent. I first did this when COD: Black Ops came out. The game was fun but wasn’t worth the retail price."

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UNCyrus2838d ago

If everyone rents instead of buying, then all developers will go out of business and there won't be any games for anyone to play.

xino2838d ago

oh well...why the fark should I pay £40 for a single player game with no replay value? VanQuisH?
I buy games all the time and I end up being disappointed with most games, does it look like I'm paying rent now? rent for games? GTFO!

Ever since I joined Lovefilm and rented games I was so skeptical to purchase, I was glad to join Lovefilm so then I wouldn't have to waste £40 on a piece of sh*!

Games that I rented and instantly returned the next day or 2 days later:
*Assassin Creed (latest game to rent along with Mafia 2, will return tomorrow! So dragging and boring.)
*Mafia 2(I enjoyed this more than Assman Creed, I'm so glad I didn't pay £40 for a sh*ty ps3 port, will return once finished. No multiplayer as well!)
*Prototype (battle between inFAMOUS & Prototype, I was going to get Prototype though the reviews were mixed. I returned it next day, bad presentation)
*inFAMOUS (Better presentation than Prototype, but all you do are tasks, found it boring)
*Enslaved (I only played for 1hr:30min, disappointed)
*Fallout 3 (alright game.......but I want to be told what to do rather than free roam like GTA4. I get bored with these kind of games!)
*Oblivion 4 (yea it's old, I couldn't get into it)

what other trash did I rent?
everyone has different taste, why should they risk £40 for a game they will end up being disappointed for?

So don't you freaking tell sh* to people about not to rent games! Why should other 5000 gamers pay full price for a game like Naughty Bear that they wouldn't enjoy!?

No matter if people rent, there will be loyals like you who will pay the publishers your monthly game rent £40/$60.
I don't have Gran Turismo 5 and Black Ops yet they sold millions.

So...let people do what ever the hell they want: pirate, used copy or rent!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

PWNER2838d ago

You have no taste in games. All the games you listed(that are available on the 360) were great when I played them(on the 360). What game did you actually like? Angry Birds? Plants vs. Zombies? Go cry more if you don't want to play good games.

MariaHelFutura2838d ago

Cyrus says devs will go out of business and you say "oh well" and proceed to be excited about Ninja Gaiden **3**

You don`t think before you speak....Confirmed.

SpLinT2838d ago

yea i agree in pretty much on all games you listed. The actual good games are rare and hard to find with all this overrated and hyped up trash.

HellzAssassin2838d ago

Maybe if you put more research into the games you buy, you might not have to return them the day after you buy them....

I buy all my games, but I research before-hand. I know what I'm getting, and I make sure of it. Especially if a $60 price tag is slapped on the front cover.

wenaldy2838d ago

Go f*ck yourself and your Ninja Gayden..

Redrum0592838d ago

so by your logic, no one should buy movies. i buy all my games wether or not they are single player. i always find my self returning to an old game after long times of not playing them. tell me somthing, do movies have rewatch values, its the same thing everytime we watch them but many ppl would just prefer to buy them.

rjdofu2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Calm the f*ck down dude. According to your logic, we'd rather pirate it, and that's BS. Use your brain before purchase anything. Go to Youtube to find some gameplay so that you wouldn't be disappointed.

"Why should other 5000 gamers pay full price for a game like Naughty Bear that they wouldn't enjoy!?". And how the heck do you know if they didn't enjoy it? You just sh*t on the whole argument you made about "everyone has different taste".

AAACE52838d ago

That's why I evaluate every game I want and put it in a price catagory! The sh*t is getting too expensive. The quality is not worth the price for most games.

I rarely buy single player games. I usually only buy multiplayer games so I can play longer.

Back when the N64, Dreamcast and Ps2 were out, I was spending over $300 a month on games. Most I didn't really play. Some I beat and never touched again. But looking back, I was spending over $3,000- $5,000 a year just for games. If I only bought the ones I actually liked instead of everything that looked cool, I would have only spent $500-$700 a year.

Renting is not the answer, because you still have to deal with late fees and most people won't use Gamefly!

The only real answer is for us to send a message to the developers and console makers that they have to drop the prices! Games with single and multiplayer should be $60. Single player only and sports games should be between $40-$50, depending on content available. Kinect and MOVE games should be $40!

Doing that will help boost console sales and game sales! They raised the priced on this sh*t because they believe we are nerds with no like who are hooked on games and will pay whatever! Most people from las gen just said f*ck it, games are too expensive. Others just went with the cheaper Wii console.

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Ryudo2838d ago

Don't rentals work differently, I haven't rented in a while so feel free to correct me.

But when I used to rent Games and Movies from blockbuster (UK) they had a rental only version of the disc.

Which as I understand either cost blockbuster more to buy thus developers get more money, or they could get a share of the rental price.

Like I said that was just my understanding on the subject but I could be totally wrong.

Neo Nugget2838d ago

Yep, I have to purchase Despicable Me in order to watch the bonus mini movies. Disappointing, but totally understandable.

fear882838d ago

Playing a rented game is like a sleeping with someone that has slept with everyone.

Spydiggity2838d ago

funny, that's how i feel every time i play call of duty (which is rarely).

renting a game is nothing like that though. renting a game is more like test driving a car you aren't sure you want to drive around in all the time.

by paying full price for most games you are essentially paying 60 dollars for a 6-8 hour story that you've seen a hundred times before and don't need to see again. if you are really desperate to see another rendition of national treasure (for example), rent it. but if you want to keep paying for it, that's all we're ever going to get. an over-priced retelling of the same basic, mindless, predictable story.

you change the industry with your dollars.

jarrod19812838d ago

i usually buy games. i pretty much know what im gonna like most of the time. plus i like my collection. although i did spend $4 on a used copy of two worlds for 360 and felt like i really got ripped off.

Spydiggity2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

they are not going to go out of business. and if a company goes out of business cuz they don't know how to add replay value to their games, then good. that's how business works.

also, it's pure propaganda by the gaming industry telling you not to rent or buy used. you can rent and buy movies used and they aren't hurtin because of it. in fact (using your logic), we should just ban gaming cuz that is what is hurting the movie and music industries.

the fact is that most games are NOT worth buying, and i've finally learned my lesson. i have a list a mile long of games i want to play this year, but only about 2 games i actually plan to buy. i'll get the exact same value out of it, and save a ton of money.

EDIT: and by the way...i know i'm not very smart, and you and the 17 ppl so far that agree with you are. but if a game costs 10 dollars for 4-5 days on average...and say 20-30 ppl rent that game, isn't a lot more revenue being generated out of renting than out of buying? and isn't the developer still getting at least the wholesale amount from the rental company? seems to me that if i were a game developer, i'd be happy for the money i'm getting. if they took away renting tomorrow, that would reduce the number of games i'm exposed to by about 50% each year. i'm sure they'd rather get a few bucks from me than nothing at all. cuz if i only am interested in a game enough to rent it, i sure as hell am not about to buy it just cuz they took away my ability to rent.

if all you "gamers" were truly interested in spending money to help out the industry, you'd stop spending a billion dollars a year on a sh*tty franchise like COD and spread that money around to other publishers/developers. you're hypocrites.

HolyOrangeCows2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Just research ahead of time, and BUY games that are deserving, and PASS or RENT on games that aren't. Do your research like me and I doubt you'll ever buy a game that doesn't have enough replay value for your standards. Sites like GameAnyone along with reviews can give you a really good idea of both how the game runs/plays and how much replay value it has.

Support games like Majin that sells at a lower price due to being a short-ish SP game. That's a precedent that I'd like to see followed; shorter games admitted by the publishers, sold at a lower price. But that's the sort of honesty that we DON'T see in our society; the kind involving money.

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Excalibur2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

No thanks.
I don't want to wait forever for someone else to finish it and I want to play it a my own leisure without worrying about returning. it.

Plus what UNCyrus said as well.

Dante1122838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

If I was hurting really bad money wise, maybe, but right now I rather own and play GeOW3, Killzone 3 and Mortal Kombat than have to keep re-renting games or wait in queue till they're available whenever I felt a need to play them again.

bolland1232838d ago

If you got the money more power to you. Games cost a lot of money to produce but most games that come out aren't worth $60. If gamers were more picky with their selection when it comes to games, developers would make better games. Example of this would be Black Ops, it could've been way better but they knew it would sell no matter what so they released a rushed game.

VenGencE9992838d ago

a better example would be halo:reach...

AceofStaves2838d ago

I buy, not rent. It requires more time and effort to research the titles I want, but I've seldom been disappointed by my purchases.

UNCyrus2838d ago

And therefore you are more invested in your purchases... you sir are a well informed consumer. #Kudos

hennessey862838d ago

some games are not worth 40 pound like enslayved, heavy rain great game but i wont pay for a game with no multiplayer. If a game has decent multi player and has some replay value il buy it.

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