10 Things Everyone Did In Grand Theft Auto III

Once upon a time in a world far, far away. We had a peaceful world before GTA. There has been numerous Grand Theft Auto’s released after GTAIII, but none will ever replace our beloved GTAIII, nor will anything replace our animal friend Pogo The Monkey.

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BigKev453025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Yeah, I did all 10 of those things. Great game. GTA IV didn't capture the magic of GTA III, Vice City or San Andreas.
Here's hoping the next GTA is great.

metsgaming3025d ago

I used to play a game that I invented in gta3. Remember how u used to get money for doing tricks. Well there was this one spot near the mansion on the first island with all the mob cars. Go down that hilly road at top speed and hit the grass embankment and see how much money you could get. We turned it into a competition of who could earn the most money in a set number of tries.

MintBerryCrunch3025d ago

am i the only one who sniped 8-Ball's head off when you had to blow up the Cartel cargo ship...the fun little experiments i did as a teen

jony_dols3025d ago

I used to turn on the less gravity cheat, spawn a tank, turn the turret backwards and then start driving while shooting it.
It turned the tank into a rocket propelled plane and it could fly everywhere! You could even shoot down helicopters if they were stupid enough to fly behind you

starcb263025d ago

I'm glad I bought the GTA collection on amazon for $30.

tony67673025d ago

omg i had alot of memories with all the old genartion gta idk why but i think gta4 was the worst gta for me lets hope the make a better game

Trebius3025d ago

you're not the only one buddy.

DoomeDx3025d ago

"Delaying your mission just to finish off a good music track:"

Oh my god i hate that in every GTA!!

dalibor3025d ago

Nobody ever has jumped on top of a car and shot the car only for the driver to start driving all crazy while you were on top of the car shooting and chucking grenades as you go? It's hilarious. That and bringing a big bus to use as cover for a mission or to blockade the bad guys so they don't escape as easily. Or turning the turrent backwards on a tank and shooting it while hitting the gas to get crazy speed than bam going over a jump lmao good times.

TornRaptor3025d ago

Yep did all that, GTA 3 was so much fun.

omicron0093025d ago

did all except listen to Lazlow

paydayp3025d ago

lazlow shows are great i loved to listen to him in gtaIV really did a great job in putting a real feel to the city i think IV is not the best one but it's the best free roaming game that get's feeling right of a living city with lot's of crazy people in it and lazlow talking to them was just great no game has come close to such a feeling of a real world (maybe RDR and oblivion but that's a complete different game)

Murgatroyd73025d ago

I still definitely prefer GTA2, but I did always enjoy picking up a hooker and then killing her afterwards to get my money back. Just like real life.

TornRaptor3025d ago

I loved 1 & 2 but GTA3 blew my mind it was so good.

Murgatroyd73025d ago

GTA3 had a lot going for it; it just wasn't the same for me. I missed the 2D isometric view, and there's nothing better than driving around the tank in GTA 2: Director's Cut.

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The story is too old to be commented.