Hard Corps: Uprising A Timed Xbox 360 Exclusive, Hits XBLA February 16th

The Xbox 360 version will help kick off Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party program with a timed-exclusive release on XBLA starting February 16th.

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DaTruth3021d ago Show
nycredude3021d ago

I have a principle of mine that I rarely deviate from. Buying a game from a company that allows timed exclusive. Way too many good games available this year to get fvcked like this. To the developers go fvck yourself.

Neckbear3020d ago

It's a mix of Contra with sprites akin to BlazBlue.

It's actually going to be glorious, and you'd be missing on many great games because "HURR THEY DARE TO DO BUSINESS WITH A CERTAIN COMPANY DURR".

Rainstorm813020d ago

Yea ive actually been waiting for this does look like its going to be good.

As far timed exclusives goes, MS probably has a deal with Konami as they did get the exclusive Castlevania Harmony of Dispair last year....

But things like this doesn't get you any more sales and if anything makes your potential sales decrease because of timed delays on the other console.

deafwing3020d ago

booo - wanted to get this day one, ah well
broken xboxes will not allow
my ps3 lives!

jack_burt0n3020d ago

just wait till its on sale.

Mkai283020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Uuuuuh, yay? Really, that is going to make me buy the game for this platform because it is a timed exclusive instead of being exclusive like forever on this console? Give me a break. Dark days Microsoft, dark days indeed.

-Alpha3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I don't understand. Where do you see in the article that indicates MS paid for this timed exclusivity? Perhaps this was the decision of Konami

jetlian3020d ago

give it a rest hes a fan of another system. All exclusives are tied to money. Not saying MS gave them money but they could have given them incentives.

Also it could just be how psn/xbl are setup.

R2D23020d ago

Good point Alpha but N4G logics is that MS are the evil corp and Sony is the charity corp that does everything for love.

Mkai283020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

You really think Konami is doing this out of charity? $M came to them more likely saying, look can we have some deal where we can have this title first on our platform? We are really trying to push our House party on XBLA. Perhaps I am wrong and it was just a non related $M buisness decision?

To the response to Mr jetlian, the main console I play is the 360. Morever, I as a "fan" am concern with the direction $M is going. They have LET GO many exclusives, Ninja Gaiden, Boishock series, Mass Effect series, Call Of Duty series, Splinter Cell, Ghost recon, Rainbow six, ect.
Instead of trying to keep these games to give the 360 an identity, they prosper off 3rd parties with timed exclusives. They say, after all who wants leftovers?

Then you see what sony is doing and say, Wow they have exclusives. Look, they are takeing advantage of the hardware.

All I ask is for $M to do the same, not with timed exclusives but with brought Ips. They don't have to buy the companies just the ips, like gears and halo agreed?

-Alpha3020d ago

Where did I say anything about charity?

Perhaps there is a marketing strategy behind it, perhaps MS signed a deal, etc. The automatic assumption that MS paid for it isn't anywhere in the article, I don't see why I must automatically assume it to be the case.

jetlian3019d ago

series were never exclusive to MS!!! They appeared there first because 360 came out first and they had a head start.

Lara croft GOL hit xbox first because the DEVS wanted it out for the summer of live promotion. It didn't have online coop till a month later when ps3 released. Games usually in these promotions have higher sales.

And the main reason is MS gives free point when you buy x amount. So If I was planning on buy them anyway why not get extra points.

Now the incentive could be if you want your game in the (house party) ps3 version has to be a month later. And thats up to the company if thats a worthy deal or not

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AlienFodder3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Is this how MS plans to make up for their actual lack of exclusives for 2011? By granting "timed" exclusives? That's pretty lame.

eferreira3020d ago

how long is the timed exclusive? im to lazy to check the link if its provided

Kon3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

"No word yet on when the PSN version is expected to hit, but we should be hearing something soon."

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