Homefront gets Resist Edition

THQ has revealed that the first Charge of Homefront will be published as Resist Edition with some exclusive Contents. Including new Weapons, new Abilities and more.

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DelbertGrady2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

These sh!tty special editions that cost more and take away content from the normal editions need to go away.

Dart892841d ago

Couldn't agree more heres a bub.

Shackdaddy8362841d ago

I just dont buy limited edi. anymore. Its not worth the price.

Quagmire2841d ago

Lol, don't worry. I'll be resisting this game like the black plague.

Quagmire2841d ago

Pro-American Modern Realistic FPS? No Thanks.

SpLinT2841d ago

lol better not be for online advantages. how long has it been since people have had an equal playing field? 5 years now? unlock this, unlock that. double armor this, special weapon that. cmon now.

dukegodtezza2841d ago

yer hate black opps because of that shit

SpitFireAce852841d ago

They need to do a beta for this people can
see what its all about...I think it could be a fun
game since it will have dedicated servers across all
platforms its a mix between BF&CoD....

dukegodtezza2841d ago

if u want a beta just play frontlines, pick it up for $20