Media Molecule hires five community stars‎

Studio art director Kareem Ettouney says tool providers need to inspire as well as supply.

Media Molecule has already hired five people who have amazed with their level creations in LittleBigPlanet, a co-founder at the studio has said.

The PS3 title provides tools for users to build their own worlds and upload them online for the PlayStation community to browse through and play.

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MariaHelFutura2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

This is why LBP2 trumps LBP1. MM puts out the game, the community make better levels and concepts then they did in the end and they hire those people. It`s a beautiful system that will keep the series going. IMO.

zootang2929d ago

Sony really do Make.Believe.

You can get a job in the industry playing the game you love!

2929d ago
Bathyj2929d ago

That Make Believe sounds like a corny marketing slogan, but man its so true in this case.

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Azmacna2929d ago

this is nothing short of a revolution. MM, i bow before thee

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Bathyj2929d ago

This is just amazing.

It really is the ultimate interaction between fans and the developer, I mean imagine if MOD makers got the call from the company, "we love your work, how about a job."

I'm sure its happened before but 5 people have been recognised for their talent and rewarded with a job they would gladly do for free. And these are people no programming skills.

Its the stuff dreams are made of.

Redempteur2929d ago

isn't that what happenned with counter strike and day of defeat that started as fan mods of halfflife and then became what we know ..

Bathyj2929d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the DoD team won a competition and got their mod made into a retail release.

Its amazing enough on PC where mods are rampant, but its even more amazing that this could happen on console game.

Redempteur2929d ago

i agree ( i'm pretty sure the idea was on MM mind since last year GOTY edition ). for a studio recruting talented game /level designer is Always a PLUS

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