Monster Hunter Rings In The New Year Big For PSP

Another week, another ridiculous amount of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd served up to Japanese video game fans. Just how many more fans did the monster hunting action adventure managed to lure in this week?

Another 284,000, inching sales of Capcom's wildly successful Monster Hunter series closer to the 4 million mark. The PSP game managed to more than double sales of its nearest competitor, Donkey Kong Country Returns, which continues to do quite well for the Wii in Japan alongside Wii Party and Mario Sports Mix.

The rest of the top ten is a mix of DS, PSP and PlayStation 3 titles (Gundam Musou 3, still hangin' in there), with little new on the list. Media Create ranks the top 20 bestselling games, from December 27 to January 2, like so.

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Xephon082835d ago

and why won't Capcom make this game for PSP right away? why does it always have to be an upgraded remake (content wise), take notice Capcom your fanbase is on the PSP milk it by making the next one on the PSP maybe PSP2 if its out, also would it kill you to release the frontier version on PS3 worldwide?