DC Universe Online Character Creation Guide

"The charater creation portion of Sony’s newly released PC and PlayStation 3 title is pretty deep, so to help you out, resident MMO fiend Leah Jackson has put together a little how-to video to walk/talk you through the entire process."

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SpitFireAce852835d ago

Pretty good character creation walk through...

PS.Plus the girl sounds cute...

Focker4202835d ago

I have a female hero named ROBYNNE HOOD

Mentor- Wonder Woman
Power- Nature
Movement- Acrobat
Weapon- Bow
Colors- Green, Brown, and Tan

Shes pretty badass looking.

Lirky2835d ago

Includes the same things as the beta from the start = it shouldnt be pay 2 play the following months there should be new races,classes,powers. If not it should remove 15.00 a month.

negroguy2835d ago

I know I was expecting new powers. Heard something about electricity and atomic in the beta. Maybe in the future who knows.

despair2835d ago

yea, hard light powers(green lantern), electricity and atomic powers are all they want to add in later updates or add-ons, at least thats what I heard also so who knows.

Lirky2835d ago

Champions online going free to play next-week it reminds me of dc universe just shell shaded, and Dc universe most likely will go free2play someday thatll be amazing the worlds first ever free2play mmorpg that will have a stable community and less lag.

soundslike2835d ago

I've tried to withhold replying to your nonsense but seriously...

are you really an animated Japanese 12 year old girl digitized into N4G for stealth trolling?


Kon2835d ago

Did you mean Cell-Shaded no?

clintos592835d ago

I am a level 9 now but damn I picked pvp & I swear these online villains are playing dirty. They wait until im fighting a bunch of enemies then jump in to jump me chicken sh**s. Their afraid because so far I havent lost a battle 1 on 1. Good news for ps3 owners is there are more players on now then I ever seen in the beta so it looks good & so far everything is running smoothly for me. I'll keep u guys updated, see u guys in a flash.

negroguy2835d ago

haha man I cant wait to get it. (gotta wait on paycheck) Thats just funny how they stalk you and wait for you to fight and then jump in cuz thats how they did me in the beta. Good times.. but that ish isnt gonna roll this time. Ill be the one playing dirty!

despair2835d ago

lol yea, PvP servers were brutal in the Beta, not my choice for first character. BTW is there still a slowdown in opening the menu on the PS3, there was a small delay in the beta.

clintos592835d ago

Everything is running pretty good for me but there are so many people on that it sometimes takes a few seconds to load the players. I just sent them feedback telling them, but so far so good. =]

soundslike2835d ago

there was a HUGE boom in server population, logged out of a deserted server, came back a half an hour later and it seemed to be blooming with players

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