Jenova Chen Explains Journey: Social Relevance and Artistic Inspirations

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Jenova Chen, the creative director of thatgamecompany and designer of flOw and Flower. Chen’s latest project, the upcoming PSN exclusive Journey, may be his most enigmatic project yet. In talking with Chen, I was most interested in learning what drove his unique, minimalistic vision, as well as the challenges in creating a drop-in, drop-out online multiplayer game without the use of industry-standard matchmaking lobbies and voice chat.

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FrankMcSpank2837d ago

thatgamecompany is excellent. I am going to get this one.

rockleex2836d ago

"SS: Now, you’re saying this as a Call of Duty player, aren’t you? You like shooters.

JC: Yeah. I like fighting games too.They’re fun. But as I get older, what’s the point in pulling off another infinite combo? What does that do for your life? It’s not useful. People still play chess because strategic thinking is useful. Brain training games, fitness games…these have relevance. People don’t have much time to waste, so they want relevance. Whether it’s emotional relevance, like experiencing joy or sadness, or intellectual relevance, or social relevance."

THIS!!! ^^^

This is why I choose Sony.

Ultraplayerxp2836d ago

The game is gonna be awesome but I hate that its only on psn. I never buy anything on psn. :(

Tilian2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

TGC, Team ICO, and Quantic Dream are my favorite devs.

Despite having a young and small studio, Jenova and Kellee have more theory and method to their game design that most devs I've seen. True innovation here.

garos822836d ago

wow good interview. ive only played flower and that was great. journey sounds even more crazy and innovative, you can bet your socks that ill be taking a "journey" with thatgamecompany's new game!

Redempteur2836d ago

journey is on my must buy list of this year.

AFter flower i have no doubts ...

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