Verizon iPhone: Too Little, Too Late?

Ripten: Verizon and Apple met in New York today to announce the Verizon iPhone; something we’ve all been waiting for for 4 years, ever since Apple announced the original on AT&T’s sub-par network. Apple’s marketing slogan is true: the iPhone really is the ‘phone that changed it all’. Four years later, however, just how well is that phone holding up?

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jaredhart3022d ago

Especially with the PSP phone coming out on Verizon.

FrankMcSpank3022d ago

I love my iPhone, but after this years CES, there are so many better phones out there. Apple isn't growing as fast as the industry is. They made a great phone and a great tablet. But the iPhone4 is just an HD iphone. Nothing more. There are so many phones out there that do everything the iPhone does and more. My next smartphone will most definitely not be an iPhone.

darthv723022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I believe was the network. ATT has many restrictions and I really would like to see the iphone work on the verizon 4g network as opposed to the 3g ATT. Hell, they should get the iphone to work with sprint as well.

ATT had the lock on it and quite frankly...ruined the iphone because of restrictions people just accepted. The unit has wifi in it and they would not let you buy one unless you bought the mandatory data plan. I wanted to buy it for the phone part and use the wifi for data access. These companies need to be straight with people. If it requires something then include that in the cost.

I wanted an iphone when it first came out then it got to the point where everyone i knew had one. When that happened, I no longer wanted one. You generally get something to individualize yourself. So now I want a WP7. Maybe an LG or Samsung as those are really nice.

You see somebody pull an iphone out of their pocket doesnt have the effect it did back a few years ago. You pull a WP7 phone out and people that is really slick.

Yeah...I want to be that person.

edit: corepred. not really. Havent we all wanted to be the one with the newest toy to show off to our friends? Anyways, it would only be until everyone else got one. Then it wouldnt be as big a deal to have one anymore. Like the iphone is now. Android and WP7 are the new things to get.

Graphics3022d ago

What people don't understand is, what makes the iphone so popular is the app store, + the fact that it has the best touch screen when compared to other phones. When all the other companies have all the stuff the iphone app store has, then you start talking. And please don't bring up androids. how many android phones are out there compared to apple phones.. iphones also get the best games on there app store, best phone gaming device. Androids probably have 20% of the games iphone app store has..

Corepred43022d ago

sorry man but thats sad if you have to let materialistic things identify you.

DeFFeR3022d ago


I buy my phones for functionality - not how many "apps" are in the app store...

Most of the crap on apples app store are junk.

My Sprint Evo 4G is a much better phone, with a better carrier and muuuuuch cheaper plan.

I couldn't wait to terminate my ATT contract... well worth it. Many many many people agree...

So, go back to starbucks, don't use your phone, but have it there on your table so you "look cool" and drink your $6 coffee, while I have my awesome phone in my pocket, pay MUCH LESS than you, and drink my $0.50 coffee from a gas station - not because I have to, but because it's better than the crap you're buying - much like your phone.

Pixel_Enemy3022d ago

EVO 4G for the win! I love android. I used to iphone but not anymore

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iamtehpwn3022d ago

iPhone on t-mobile would be a lot more my interests, as well as most people I know who want one.

FrankMcSpank3022d ago

The iPhone is on the T-Mobile network here in Germany, but I can't afford a smart phone so I have a prepaid phone.

SaiyanFury3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Quite honestly I don't need an iphone. I need something that my wife can call me on and something that I can phone home with. I'm not spending at least 200 bucks on a phone then pay a hundred bucks a month for a plan. My phone cost me thirty bucks, and I only have to load it with minutes once every 3 months and that costs me 20 dollars. Nice and cheap. My wife wants me to get a smart phone so she can text me, and I just tell her I'm not spending a hundred bucks a month for something I'd rarely use.

Graphics3022d ago

whos gonna buy that psp phone

3022d ago
Peppino73022d ago

Definitely not to late. I just a droid x which I love but if I didn't I would get an iphone. Plus I know plenty of people that are even going to switch to Verizon as well because it has great service.

ATi_Elite3022d ago

Agree totally.

Most Apple fans will stick with ATT and with so many unique ANDROIDS on the market the Iphone and it's one size fits all attitude is getting stale.

Most of my snobbish rich co-workers have been dumping iphone because they all look the same. Nothing is worse than a meeting with 20 iphones on the table and you got to call your number to find your phone. Most have gone Android or back to blackberry or dumped iphone in favor of iPad

SaiyanFury3021d ago

Haha I came to the same conclusion. So many people buy an iphone because they think it'll make them unique, but in reality having one makes them even LESS unique because they just bought a phone that so many other people have.

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Batmau53022d ago

I'd rather see a new iPhone, then the same phone on a new network.

bfenty3022d ago

i agree.
Apple: "we're reinventing the...oh wait. It's the same thing we released last year"

Corepred43022d ago

waa waa. its still the best phone out. and just the right size, not like all these new phones that are pretty much half the size of an ipad and look stupid when you put them in your pocket, haha.

Blasphemy3022d ago

Yeah I don't get it. Noone else releases the same phone on 2 different carriers so why start now. Anyways I don't really care I am waiting for the Optimus 2x on Tmobile. That looks like a real upgrade from my current G1.

chrisnick3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

i've been waiting about 6 months for someone to officially say its coming to tmobile, do you know for sure?...that's a real phone there. Only thing i think is better than that is the atrix...1gb or ddr2 on my phone?...tits.

Blasphemy3022d ago

@ chrisnick According to it's coming to Tmobile.

KiLLUMiNATi_893022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

This move should off been made from day 1. To me I still think the iPhone's Is one of the best phone's out in the market. This a good move for both companies.

vicious69833022d ago

I'm debating on switching to Verizon for this, but not sure. If Verizon wants to offer me something to stick around, I'm listening...

DeFFeR3022d ago

hopefully we realize we made a mistake...

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