DC Universe Online's John Blakely reveals his philosophy behind MMO development

Sony Online Entertainment's John Blakely, whose team has just released the superhero-based DC Universe Online, discusses the philosophy of MMO development.

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Caligula2836d ago

I have high hopes for DC Universe Online.

choadley2836d ago

Makes me wonder what kind of support Sony will maintain for the game.DC Comics has a lot of stories and talent it can draw from.

LockeCole2836d ago

I'm really on the fence about this game. I want to try it but I'm not willing to drop $60 + $15 for a month of service. I wish there was a trial version. Interesting interview, though.

Blasphemy2836d ago

Thought this game would never release. Happy to see it out now.

Blasphemy2836d ago

I haven't heard anything about this game having problems at launch like alot of other MMOs when they first release so I hope this one turns out well.

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