Ubisoft: PC 'still an important platform' for Assassin's Creed

CVG: PC version of Brotherhood "on track, looking good"

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gillri2930d ago ShowReplies(2)
Pandamobile2930d ago

Don't lock it down with your shitty DRM, and I might consider adding it to my already massive 2011 game list.

pr0digyZA2930d ago

Didnt they take that DRM away. I'm playing conviction again because you don't have to be online anymore.

Xfanboy2930d ago

Yeah no DRM!! now they might sell more games!!

GrilledCheeseBook2930d ago

still requires an online check every start up though

TheIneffableBob2930d ago

A simple online check is sorta okay. The constant online connection they required before was ridiculous.

cemelc2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

The DRM is there, you have to be online when you boot the game, is not so bad but is still there

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WildArmed2930d ago

The DRM only hurt the actual buyers w/ all the fucking BS they made you go through to play a game YOU PAYED FOR.

The people that are going to pirate the game don't have to put up any that shit since that's the point of pirating it.

They aren't really deterring any piracy w/ thier shitty DRMs.
Only making the people who are putting up w/ Ubisoft more pissed.
As much as I loved SC:C, I deleted it after my first playthrough.
The DRM was too bitchy.
But apparently it's been fixed/removed, so will d/l put it to d/l when i get home.

Charmers2930d ago

Unfortunately for Ubisoft they are not important to the PC platform.

BattleAxe2930d ago

Tell me about it, I regret buying Rainbow Six 3, Lockdown, Vegas 1+2.....there are technical problems with all of them, and now I can't even delete them off my Steam list. I sure wish they would come out with a better library classification system on Steam :S

kramun2930d ago

I've got this on the ps3 but I might trade it in and wait for the pc version, the framerate's all over the place.

Sarcasm2930d ago

Let's just hope they optimize it better than AssAssIn's creed 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.