VG247:Square’s Shiba “looking forward to hardware improvements” in PSP2

VG247:Speaking with us in Tokyo regarding upcoming PSP actioner Lord of Arcana, Shiba said that while hardware is something that’s constantly being both created and tweaked, software needs to be created to push new hardware on consumers.

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zootang2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I can see PS2 titles being released on the PSN store that are playable on the PSP2. Just like PSone titles which are playable on the PSP.

sinncross2889d ago

Only expected and a good move.

Having access to the PS3 library while on the move is just too awesome for Sony to possibly miss.

That said, i just want good battery life from the psp2

HolyOrangeCows2889d ago

"PSP2 confirmed?"

Nah, the Mortal Combat developer let it slip long ago.

DA_SHREDDER2889d ago

I also have expected improvments from Squeenix since FFX. But have yet to find a game worth renting let alone buying from Squaresuck.

postofficebuddy2889d ago

Honestly Sony, just announce the damn thing already.

pedrami912889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Damn, that's one old thread.

If SE is mentioning the PSP2.......i sure hope for an awsome RPG game from them as a launch title.

rrw2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

i am hoping for ff7 remake in HD ;)

it will be a good game to show how awesome is psp2 graphic will be

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The story is too old to be commented.