PSX Extreme: Monster Jam: Path of Destruction Review

PSX Extreme: "Popularized in the ‘80s with the help of Bigfoot and Grave Digger, Monster Truck events are loud, thrilling, and loaded with gasoline-infused adrenaline. If it isn’t your thing, don’t bother with Monster Jam: Path to Destruction; it certainly isn’t good enough to spark a sudden interest in the big-wheel sport. For the fans, it might be good enough, provided you’re willing to deal with a surprisingly steep learning curve, some drab technicals, and a one-dimensional career that doesn’t exactly feature a ton of depth or customization. On the good side, there’s a fair amount of entertainment and the atmosphere seems to work. The physics aren’t bad, the controls are okay, and the various events, vehicles, and required skill is appreciated to some degree. Trust me, if I can have a wee bit of fun playing a monster truck game, it can’t be that terrible."

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