3DS: Why SpotPass and StreetPass will revolutionise gaming

ONM writes: As new screenshots and trailers start to flow out of Japan it's becoming clearer and clearer that the 3DS game library is going to be pretty special. Other than the games though, there are two other features of the 3DS that we're really excited about. They are StreetPass and SpotPass. Here are five reasons why they will change gaming...

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xino3023d ago

cool features but I don't see it as a device to revolutionise gaming:/

it's just encourages people to carry their 3DS wherever they go.

So if you want to walk your gf to the bus stop after visiting you, you have to carry a 3DS for the sake of scores and hotspots.

if you get mugged/robbed, the mugger/robber would just laugh and be more happy because he bagged £40 from you, a phone and a 3ds from you. Thinking he would only bag a few cash and phone from you.

what about areas whereas people don't have 3DS? Nintendo makes it sound as if: as you walk outside the door, everyone you walk pass, at least 5/10 will own a 3DS:/

(anyway success to Nintendo, I don't wanna be negative. I just love my ps3 man!:D)

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)