Eight Franchises That Will Look Insanely Awesome In 3D

GB: "They say 3D is the next big thing. And surely they have a point, because games in 3D looks absolutely amazing. We had witnessed Killzone 3 live at Sony’s presentation at E3 last year and it seemed that the Helghans were right in front of us. That is the kind of immersion that 3D game play brings to video games.
But there are a few franchises that have not supported 3D, well it’s only been a few months so thats understandable. Today we take a look at eight such franchises which would look awesome if they had 3D support on them."

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Karooo2889d ago

I want stuff flying all around. Gears of war should be epic, pun intended :P

Valay2889d ago

Don't want to be gimmicky, though. Too much stuff flying around could ruin things.

gameseveryday2889d ago

why do you think so? If you have ever seen MGS3 on a 3DS, things fly around too...But it looks amazingly awesome!

I Think 3d is here to stay for a long time and it wont be too long before Microsoft also pushes 3D big time on the Xbox 360.

halocursed2889d ago

Definitely God of War, I'm actually counting on Sony to release a patch or something to make GOW III 3D!

badz1492889d ago

was thinking the same thing too

jaidek2889d ago

I am all for 3D being added to the games as long as the performance doesn't suffer. Screen tearing in 3D can be deadly. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.