Modern Combat: Domination, Dominating the PlayStation Network soon.

Modern Combat: Domination invites players to rediscover at last what made multiplayer shooters so enjoyable with an innovative and competitive FPS that's unique to next-gen consoles. With its mission-driven gameplay emphasizing teamwork and skill, Modern Combat: Domination is an immediately fun and realistic game designed to provide constant challenge to players.

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Joni-Ice2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I will try for $7.99. Sony needs to lower prices do to TAX. They just started charging tax for PSN games where I live and Ive been buying games since 2007 on PSN. I have purchased lots of movies, games (Over 125), etc. I'll buy a $20 PSN card and get 2 $9.99 games, but now with the tax only can get 1 so getting cards just dont work for me anymore. I heard some places still dont get charged taxes on PSN.

The_Count2834d ago

The only thing that set's this game a side from others is that you can use the move. We can use that in KZ3 which will no doubt be a good experiene rather than this Generic Combat: Generication

ivant2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Although it delivers most of what an online shooter should at a fraction of the price, it will likely be treated as a bargain-bin game with few players online.

Better to relaunch Warhawk at $8 with a new "Modern Warfare" Map, vehicles, weapons for $15.

Eiffel2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I can't get over how generic that name title is.

"Modern Combat"

Hurrdurr never heard of that before. They couldn't have called it something a little more creative/original?

maxcer2834d ago

lol yeah talk about trying to scam the fools who think this is a CoD game.

DaCajun2833d ago

Then it should make a killing since most of the people who buy COD are fools.

sonicsidewinder2834d ago

yeh but dude. The first Battlefield game on the 360 was

"Battlefield 2: Modern Combat"

What u gonna do?

Eiffel2834d ago

Modern Combat is exclusive to PSN so any confusion between the two is nonexistent, and "Battlefield 2" : Modern Combat, pretty specific as a franchise as opposed to just "Modern Combat".

ThanatosDMC2834d ago

Saw a bunch of gameplay vids i thought it was trash... I'll wait for the reviews. I'm too MAG biased.

HarryMonogenis2834d ago

Looks like a poor mix of Country Strike and Modern Warfare. Look at some of the maps -- they are nearly identical to that of Call of Duty 4.

Gameloft have tried to copy Starcraft II in the past -- and apparently they're known for doing these kind of things.

SkylineR2834d ago

Yeah. While they're great at making iPhone games (where modern combat started), Gameloft primarily "borrow" ideas of big name games. Eg., Nova = Halo, Modern Combat = COD, Gangstar = GTA, GT Academy = Gran Turismo, Blades of Fury = Soul Calibur and my favourite is Shadow Guardian = Uncharted.
While they're good at what they do on iPhone, who knows how the PS3 version of MC will play. I guess at $8 it isn't going to break the bank.

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The story is too old to be commented.