See GT5's Red Bull X2010, From Concept To Near Reality

GI: While Gran Turismo 5 was in development, Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi approached Red Bull Racing's chief technical officer Adrian Newey to design a new car for the game. To make it interesting, this new car wouldn't be constrained by the regulations and other limitations that typically govern race cars. The result was the X2010, a vehicle that could hypothetically go from 0 to 193 KPH (about 120 MPH) in 2.8 seconds. As Newey points out, to actually build the vehicle would cost millions of dollars, so we'll have to settle for the shell pictured above and the in-game car.

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Focker4202929d ago

The X1 is a blast to drive, its unreal how fast it can take the corners. Definitely the best car in GT5.

sinncross2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I need to unlock this car!!!!

Bout to hit lvl 20 in A spec and 15 in B spec!!!

Nitrowolf22929d ago

bout to get it in B-Spec, dud those X1 challenges that you unlock in A-Spec are so hard

sunnygrg2929d ago

Also guys, be sure to change the oil on this baby or any other new car for that matter to gain a slight permanent increase in HP, which should nudge it upto about 1501 BHP.

zgoldenlionz2929d ago

i totally agree with you this car is almost too fun to drive, the first few races are pretty sketchy but soon as you can handle the speed oh man what good fun.

Tony-Red-Grave2929d ago

i heard even if the red bull X1 wasreal it wouldn't be legal in F1 because, get ready, itd be to fast -_- and it uses, correct me if im wrong, thrusters to keep it on the ground, which is why it hits corners quick. there was an F1 car before that had this

zootang2929d ago

F1 has strict regulations to the point that last seasons cars would be ineligible to race in the upcoming season.

FailOverHero2929d ago

In other news, fantasy cars aren't allowed in real life because they do not exist.
That's like saying if Ryu was real he wouldn't be allowed to join martial art tournaments because get this, he is too powerful. Correct me if I'm wrong he can shoot fireballs from his hands...

saint_john_paul_ii2926d ago

but its very possible, cause its based on real world data.

ProjectVulcan2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Not quite space thrusters yet lol :-0 just clever physics, the large round object on the back of the car is clearly intended as a nod to the famous Brabham BT46- Where a powerful ducted fan pulls out air from underneath the car which is ran low as possible and uses skirting to seal and induce low pressure. That creates a near vacuum situation that 'sucks' the car onto the ground, although its really the higher surrounding air pressure and combination of downforce from the wings that push the car down.

Formula One banned skirted ground effect cars as they were far too fast and dangerous in their initial design. Ground effect is preferred over even wings to push the car onto the track because unlike wings it creates very little drag, thus the perfect method to allow a car using it to be fast in corners and not compromise its top speed dramatically with air turbulence over large wings.

It was generally banned at the time because the cars began to rely on this method to keep them on the track in high speed corners thanks to the advantage it posed over wings as explained above. Problem was should a car suddenly lose this force through a fast corner, possibly such as bottoming out- it could easily result in the driver being nothing but a passenger in a huge high speed crash.

Tony-Red-Grave2929d ago

not thrusters but ducts DX there we go there was another F1 car that used this too

Kon2929d ago

What is his final speed?? Cuz the Bugatty Veyron Super Sport can reach 267.856 mph

EeJLP-2929d ago

And a land speed racer can probably go 600 or 800 mph (whatever). That's not what they're talking about. They're talking fastest around a track, not in a straight line.

Kon2929d ago

I just wanted to know.

sunnygrg2929d ago

If you slipstream, you can get top speeds of over 310 MPH.

hennessey862929d ago

i cant wait to drive this car.

HarryPS32929d ago

I still need to acquire the X1 in GT5, i can't wait to drive that beast.

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