Fairy Engine Cite Disappointing Windows Phone 7 Sales for Jigsaw Guru’s Re-Launch as Free App

Despite consistently ranking highly in the top selling paid games for the Puzzle & Trivia category on the Zune Marketplace, Fairy Engine LLC’s Jigsaw Guru has reportedly suffered from less-than-impressive sales since its release shortly after the European launch of the Windows Phone 7 format. Fairy Engine has since released an advertisement supported version, entitled Jigsaw Guru Free, but has also contacted Electronic Theatre to discuss the issue.

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btk3979d ago

Windows mobile has lost against the iPhone and Android.

kevco333978d ago

And, how exactly did you figure that one out?

darthv723978d ago

that the popularity of the iphone is equal to that of the ipod. it is even surprising that android was able to capture some attention when it came out.

WP7 is better and yet is stuck because those with iphones most likely wont want to switch. If they did then it was to android because it came out prior and was available on better networks than ATT.

I played with an LG WP7 and was extremely impressed with its performance. Fast and easy and overall way better than the iphone. I have not had my hands on an android but I can tell that it would give the android a run. Needs more apps but that could be the killer right there.

Apple prides itself on the amount of apps it has. Anyone can make an app and release it (to a point) and the droid market is gaining in apps. MS needs to open up the app store for WP7 and be competitive. If they stall it...they will kill it themselves.

Bnet3433978d ago

Two things:

Long headline lol. Also, I have had G1, the first droid phone, since it came out. its pretty nice. I like the droid OS. Nice and sleek. but I was thinking of getting a W7 phone just because of having your Xbox Live stats on it as well as get achievements in the lil games. IDK how you lose to iPhone and Android. I guess Apple has been getting it's rear end kicked in the OS for computers. Whatever.

ActionBastard3978d ago

The tiles GUI is nice, but it's kinda late to the party. Good effort (for a mobile OS it's as good as Android/iOS), but there is so much saturation with Google and Apple.

kwyjibo3978d ago

WP7 just doesn't have the numbers to be a viable development platform. I guess the early movers were tempted by Microsoft money, or thought there would be no competition.

Even if the 1.5 million shipped equated to sold, the numbers are still tiny compared to iOS, Android, RIM or sinking Symbian.

But as we've seen with the 360, Microsoft are usually in it for the long haul. Give it another 18 months, and we'll see what's happening.

Baka-akaB3978d ago

even the head of the mobile division admits that w7 phones wont catch up for years , if at all .

MS needs to win the hearts through gaming . Maybe things like a real halo experience on handheld phone and actually efficient multiplayer on phones would be a huge push

Halochampian3978d ago

Superior yet not as popular?

JOLLY13978d ago

I love my Zunes....and my WP7

darthv723978d ago

the zune is better just not the popular item. In fact there are several superior portable players to the ipod and yet they dont get the attention because they are not the...ipod.

Just because something has mass market appeal doesnt mean it is the best on the market. Look at the wii.

knifefight3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

What's a zune?
I should be clear: I am not joking.

Gambit073978d ago

MS's answer to the iPod.

knifefight3978d ago

Ah, interesting. Thanks. :)