Just Dance 2 Has Already Sold 5 Million Worldwide

Ubisoft announced today that Just Dance 2 for the Wii has sold more than five million units worldwide since its launch in mid-October of 2010. The five million units reflect actual sell-through; copies sold to customers, instead of just copies shipped to stores. The game was already topping the charts in the U.S. and the U.K., and the franchise has sold ten million units worldwide across three titles: Just Dance, Just Dance 2, and Just Dance Kids.

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Christopher3021d ago

If no game was packaged with Kinect, I think it would be the best selling game for the product.

DualConsoleOwner3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

and why sales flame war should be banned.

xbox fanboys can talk about sales all they want, but in the end, it has nothing to do with games and its quality.

donniebaseball3021d ago

It's nuts how these dance games have taken off.

Dart893021d ago

Well if it helps lazy people get off the couch and move round for a bit then that's good.

strickers3021d ago

Go play a circle wank bukkake game if that's what you want.

TheOldOne3021d ago

I just hate the fact that casuals are taking over this industry.

NYC_Gamer3021d ago

why hate?its room in the industry for both type of gamers.

redsquad3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Not if devs say "Oooh look - Let's ALL churn out trashy dance games to make a few bob" at the expense of 'serious' software

MAJ0R3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I agree that it would be ok for casuals and hardcore to coexist, but that's not what's happening. developers are dumbing down games that were once great to get more sales and make it way easier and cheaper for them to do.

Mahr3020d ago

"Not if devs say "Oooh look - Let's ALL churn out trashy dance games to make a few bob" at the expense of 'serious' software"

It's okay. At the rate they are releasing these games, Ubisoft will have Guitar-Heroed the franchise in a year or two.

MarioWarfare3021d ago

You need to realize that the "hardcore" gamers make up a portion of the market, Majority of people out there are not hardcore gamers and Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft want money so they are going after the casuals. Gamers seem to think that these companies are just here to entertain us but the truth is that they are a business and they want money.

yippiechicken3021d ago

When ever I hear (or see) so called "hardcore" gamers complaining about the industry going more "casual", all I can think is "Well, get your butts out there and spend some money on your hobby! You've got no one to blame but yourselves!"

The only reason its going more casual is because the casual games can sell much more and cost a lot less to make. If you were a game maker, would you rather spend 30 million to make a game that MIGHT sell 5 million copies or spend 5 million to make a game that has a pretty good chance of selling 5 million copies?

And yes, this includes me too. I own all 3 consoles and I try to purchase as much as I can to support the industry. :)

strickers3021d ago

You can't make that accusation at Sony.Go look at the 1st party software that they have launched this gen and have lined up in 2011.They have more new IP than the other 2 put together and most of it is games aimed at existing players.

Baba19063021d ago

i would enjoy this on ps3 i think. =D

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The story is too old to be commented.