Verizon iPhone Official

It's been long rumored, but those rumors were put to rest today. Verizon has officially announced the iPhone on their network.

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JeffGUNZ2890d ago

Welcome to a real smart phone non-Apple users!

dericb112890d ago

They just announced a ton of dual core phones. This is cool for people who don't know but if you have any sense wait till March for more power and graphics. Terga 2 FTW!!!

chrisnick2890d ago

yeah dual core tegra devices will make everthing b4 them outdated. I feel bad for the ppl that just bought evos, evo shifts and verizon iphones trying to jump on the hype train cuz they're jumping on the wrong one.

BulletToothtony2890d ago

dude you know how freaking fast the iPhone is? the A4 does feel like a Dual core.

Can't stand people who hate anything apple when they haven't tried anything apple before.

But then again Android does need a C2D to run smoothly.

Retro_Zombie2890d ago

I love the iPhone and iTunes and will be upgrading asap.

user8586212890d ago

I happy with my blackberry :) and if a wanted to play apps ill just use ma ipod

shadyiswin2890d ago

blackberries fail as do ipods. A galaxy phone would of killed 2 birds with one stone and saved you $400 and do a better job at both. js

n4f2890d ago

i pay my torch 200 buck without a contract!yeah the only drawback is of course no tegra2 or dual core
im not an heavy apps download so i dont really mind that since my bro have an ipod touch!

Led-Zeppelin2890d ago

How is this gaming news lol? I got my iphone with crappy at&t a year ago with contract. Now ill just have to wait until its done.

silvacrest2890d ago

but seriously.....not everyone wants an iphone

JeffGUNZ2890d ago

@ Silvacrest. Shut up moron. the iPhone is the only Apple product I currently have. I have PC, not a mac. I have used plenty of smart phones and nothing comes close to the iPhone.

silvacrest2889d ago

thats great, that u love your iphone and nothing else comes close FOR YOU

did you notice the caps?

i have had a iphone and various android phones and FOR ME, android beats it hands down, widgets, as well as all the customizations and the different roms if your into that (and no, im not talking about game roms)

do you always get this defensive when you dont agree with someone's opinion? lol....

HolyOrangeCows2890d ago

AT&T has declared bankruptcy!



Exactly! Upcoming verison customers should be very excited. DIIIIIEEEEEE ANDROID! :)

JeffGUNZ2890d ago

How is that statement moronic. Have you ever owned an iPhone? It blows any other smartphone out of the water in speed, touch screen, and capability. The Droid is awful. People hype the Droid because those are Non ATT users who never had the option to use the iphone and had pick the droid. My statement is 100%. Now non-apple Verizon customers now have now have the choice to get the iphone. You will see a large decrease in Droid sales this coming year. Two people in my office have verizon and have been waiting for the iphone to come so they could get rid of their droids and use a real mans phone.

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JsonHenry2890d ago

Great news for people that don't like ATT and love Apple products.

But I will stick with my Droid 2. And after that it will be a tegra 2 device.

SilverSlug2890d ago

I have ATT and never wanted an iPhone.

Now that Motorola Atrix... that is a phone.

shadyiswin2890d ago

can't wait for that come to a diffrent provider lol looks amazing problem is at&t data plans are horrible! lol come to tmo or sprint plz something close to that phone plz.

SilverSlug2890d ago

Data sucks ass, I agree. I hope that this iPhone announcement makes them improve.

Rybnik2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I am really pissed off that it seems Verizon traded access to the Atrix for teh iphone ...I understand business wise though...arrrrghh

etownone2890d ago

I understand the Atrix has 1 gig of ram ...
But Verizon is getting the Droid Bionic which has the same specs as the Atrix but with only 512 of ram but since it's a true LTE 4G phone, it's still the better phone robust compared to the Atrix.

Rybnik2890d ago

Yeah, that is not quite true. It is the docking abilities of the Atrix that makes it a (massive) step ahead of all other phones at the moment...

ssean2272890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I'm not sure about the Atrix but the Bionic has 512 of ddr2 memory in it.

Rybnik2890d ago

The Atrix has 1GB DDR2 memory. Reason is so it can run all the docking abilities, ie turn it into a laptop replacement. For this it is infact running a linux kernal (at all times) thus the need for an extra 512MB

The Bionic does indeed run 512MB DDR2, but it has no docking capabilities.

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shadyiswin2890d ago

Yes people rush out and get the verzion iphone that will be re-released this summer with 4g only to be very much under powered compared to anything else in the market but then again if you iphone you are cool by default,right?

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