New Research Shows Videogames Aid Treatment of Physical and Mental Pain

Research funded by the National Institutes of Health and presented at the American Pain Society's annual scientific meeting has found that playing video games significantly lessens individuals' physical pain or mental stress. Two new studies have found that the engrossing virtual worlds and visual puzzles found in video games engage other senses, such as sight and touch and reduce signals in areas of the brain that are associated with pain. This is particularly true for games that are motion-controlled or feature 3-D worlds, which offer a more fully engaging experience.

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jaredhart2839d ago

Love to hear positive news about gaming!

darthv722839d ago

while I would agree with this statement....I would also disagree as there are some really frustrating games that make me want to break something.

For the most part though, I do feel more relaxed while winning at a game. Losing however.........

mjolliffe2839d ago

I have no problem losing at a game, and winning is just better. Nice to hear something positive regarding this industry for once.

In other words, screw you outsiders.

darthv722839d ago

that gaming helps the eye/hand coordination. While I am a right handed person, you figure when playing a game it is all controlled by the left hand. The right presses the action buttons.

There are far more positives to gaming than there are negative. It is the negative ones that get all the press because some go to the extreme from time to time.

xDaRkModEx2839d ago

I agree with this. Sometimes I really get really bad stomach pain. When that happens, I just play a video game and in 30-60 minutes, the pain is gone.

AceofStaves2839d ago

It certainly helped me develop hand-eye co-ordination and muscular dexterity in my hands, things that were affected by my Cerebral Palsy when I was a child. Not to mention the positive effects it can have on the development of certain cognitive skills, like problem-solving.

knifefight2839d ago

As a man who can credit the PS2 for helping me keep my sanity when I was in the hospital with pneumonia, I stamp this with approval.