Get the PlayStation Android App In Any Region (US Users)

The official PlayStation App for iPhone and Android has been released in the UK. Anyone outside of the UK was sorely out of luck. Thanks to a little tinkering, we’ve got the direct to download file, bypassing the Android Market and allowing users from any region to enjoy the app.

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Taggart4512839d ago

I was actually just looking into this. And what do you know? It's already here! Thanks!

remanutd552839d ago

how u get it in the us android market ?

dericb112839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

He didn't. Its the UK market .apk. It can be used in any region and was only available in the UK for now.

Hell is not even for the US because the file is SCEE and US Sony is SCEA.

Pixel_Enemy2839d ago

Yeah I am in the US and I downloaded the apk to my phone and installed it and it works great. The only thing is when I look at the blog it is the uk blog but I don't really care. This version will hold me over till the US gets it's own version.

I hope they really support this app and update it with new features in the future!

remanutd552839d ago

lol but how you did it pixel? thats what i wanna know

kharma452839d ago

Download the .apk, move it to your SD card, go to settings and check the box that says about allowing apps to be installed from unknown sources.

Then use a file manager like Astro to find the .apk on your SD card then simply install it.

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Bigbangbing2839d ago

Can't wait to grab the iPhone version (US). It's already available in the French store.

Christopher2839d ago

What type of file size are we talking about with the UK version? Under 5MB?

ActionBastard2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

It's 3.14MB. Great little app! Looking fwd to a US version.

ActionBastard2839d ago

That is weird. Are there any differences between the 2, function-wise?

Christopher2839d ago

It is weird that it's that high on the iPhone. The two other systems I've used for trophy tracking were both under 10MB, one of them less than 2MB. Even for HQ images, that's a bit high.

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dumahim2839d ago

Trying to get it downloaded. I'm blocked from megaupload, and the phone's browser doesn't like the website. Trying with Skyfire now. It's a small enough file. I wish they'd just host the thing on the website.

dumahim2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Thanks, but SkyFire worked. I just had to deal with my weak signal inside my office for a while before I got it downloaded. Got it installed but when I tried to sign in, it says there's no internet connection, even though the sign-in page comes right up. Is this just a bogus error since I'm trying to sign in with my US account? Wish I could remember my UK account details.

edit: ok nevermind. Got it to sign in. Oddly enough, it worked on a weak 3G signal, but not the 4G. hmm.