Valve: Five Reasons Why Portal 2 Will Blow You Away

Why should you be excited for Portal 2? There's only so long it can ride on the coattails of the original, surely? Don't panic, Erik Wolpaw, the lead writer on the game, has given five reasons why Portal 2 will be even better than its predecessor.

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ksense2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I think a trailer of half life 3 or episode 3 will blow me away more than any of those.

ATi_Elite2837d ago

1. It's Portal 2
2. It's made by Valve
3. It's The Source Engine
4. It's a full game
5. 1 game down 1 more game to go before HL2 EP3

DERKADER2837d ago

The trailers showing the new propulsion gel, repulsion gel, faith plates, excursion funnels, and more have already blown me away.

outwar60102837d ago

i want half life 2 episode 3!!!!!!

outwar60102837d ago

We are on planet Earth *waits for disagrees*

Shackdaddy8362837d ago

I just love the artistic style in valve games.

theonlylolking2837d ago

I hope it has keyboard and mouse support for the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.